Next new expansion

“You can start getting excited for structure customization, new Tech II capital ships, plus corporation goals and content such as the much-anticipated Loyalty Point tax!”

What percentage of players care about “structure customization”? What percentage even own a structure?

What percentage care about T2 Dreads? Even the people I know who own and even use Dreads aren’t excited about this.

And who, other than low sec faction war corporation leaders, is excited about LP tax? Does CCP suppose that Faction War players have been chomping at the bit to allow their corpo-bosses to take the isk they worked for? The only thing this will do is seriously piss people off.

That said, CCP has also announced lighting packages for frigates, clouds that we might or might not be able to fly through, and missiles will now explode differently based on damage type. All unimpressive.

In other games an expansion means that they are EXPANDING the game in some way, and for everyone. This is just nonsense.


( sarcastically) yay t2 dreads!!!

In the new expansion I would like see a lower downtime by charting Static Wormholes onto the main Map that link to outer known systems to make it easy to pull materials out of the major trade hubs and deliver to outer regions.

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Hopefully the next expansion later this year has something to do with mining and industry

Hopefully the next expansion later this year is relevant to most of the player base. Not many players are going to fly T2 dreads and I doubt that fighting alongside / against T2 dreads is going to be too game changing.
Nevertheless, T2 dreads do sound quite cool. Hopefully they’re not too expensive and not useless or OP.

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CCP just concluded a years long mining/industry patch just recently.

  • Reworked the role of industral command ships (no more afk orca farms :face_vomiting:)
  • Changed stats on barges/exhumers
  • Implemented a new crystal system that allows for faster mining than previously.
  • More ore in general now as scarcity ended. (ORE… not ore types :wink:)

Oh, and we can’t forget the blueprint changes as they now incorporate mining with PI and even reactions together. Making the supply chain so much more complex vs just “Mine ore = build ship”

The builders will have fun producing these t2 dreads I know it.

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They haven’t even shown the new content that is coming. We have no idea what Homefront Operations are.

Orca changes!?!? Where!?!? When!?!?!

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They made orcas mine less with drones but now they are mobile compression ships. In the patch notes :slight_smile:

Type in “EVE online Mining changes” it’s not difficult to find.

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Wasn’t that a few years ago?

I believe it was less than 18 months iirc.

I made billions off all the chumps dumping their “useless” Orcas at 1.2b


I like the new Look, perhaps the New Expansion is close and will also look as good?


It can look like whatever it wants, but it sounds like a sucking noise.

That sounds fun? Yeah?

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I think LP taxes are dumb, the game was just fine with bounty taxes (and the voluntary donations)

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Good if they address still being able to cyno in a t2 dred to lance a jump freighter on its way to the gate. I like all of the changes otherwise but this one oversite is a huge problem for logistics.

PI material firesale soon to unfold… watch live!

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