Hello World!

Why are you posting this here? No one can help you here.



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Sorry doesnt work.

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I know this thread should be closed soon enough. But …eh… welcome to the game where they are …uh…supposed to ban RMT, right? I have heard that CCP can punish you for RMT activities months ago or years ago [citation needed].
Besides, I doubt you can be unaware of the fact for three months if you ever visit the Chinese forums a little bit.

Please note that the GM team can become very busy especially around the holidays. Just because you dint see any actions taking place on your ticket doesnt mean work isnt being done. Tickets of this nature can take time.

At this time im going to close this thread till a CCL/CCP member can review.

This stays closed.

Don’t break the rules, and you won’t have issues with Customer Support in future.

The GM Team will be in contact once they get to your ticket.

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