Having a good laugh

Well in short got a legit warning with absolutely no reason why…

Waiting now over 20 days on petition, and my friend (who has been waiting multiple MONTHS for reply after reporting RMT)

We are just having good laugh at this point, since we cant say anything here without it being locked and moderated and CCP support ignoring us lol,

BTW my sub expires october 14th… does CCP really think il re buy into it with the way the playerbase is treated?

Do I understand correctly that you reported (a) player(s) and are impatiently waiting for action by CCP?

In my experience with any gaming company, that’s not a good thing to do. Just report and move on.


well im waiting for my reason i was warned for cursing in a PRIVATELY moderated chat and friedn send like loads screens and linked contracts form 1 rmter yet to be banned, the rmter has prob laundered and sold in last 3 months over 10 TRILLION ISK easily

As you have been told not to continue posting about this, I am closing this thread. Please do not reopen threads on the same topic. Thank you.