[HELP A NOOB] WTB - Entry PvE/PvP Character

I am what you guys call a newbro. I started playing this game on January 1st of this year. I am looking for something that would be a perfect fit for me.

-Specifically looking for a combat skilled.
-I want to be able to make PLEX for Omega with this character.

I am also open to any deals involving a corp or alliance. I plan on keeping the character and playing over 6 hours a day. Please show me what you have or recommend for me. Help a noob out. lol

Thanks for reading.


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So, let me try to understand what you are looking for.

You are not looking to buy a character, really. You are looking for someone to give a starter pilot away and in return you will play/join corp/alliance?

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I have about 3-4bil to work with as well.

bump - still looking for some kind soul to help meh

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Ronin_Savage pvp / pve can fly all the way up to Battle Ships Cadri / Galente , drones , missiles etc


Hello! Ms. Ten Crack Commandments has Caldari Frigate to V and can fly t2 haulers, and can have 100’s of market orders, giving you the ability to pvp effectively while making lots of money!

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