Help Center Account Link Request / VPN issue


I’m unable to log in this toon, probably due to logging in through VPN. I have filed a bug report but I cannot view it because I have to “link” this account to my main account in order to access the help center. The note on the linking e-mail explicitly says that the linking is required because account was logged in from my VPN IP.

  • What is the use of having to link accounts? If it’s just to verify that I can access the e-mail account I set the EVE account with, it could be better worded just as an e-mail verification of the address. Linking sounds suspicious to me.

  • Why does CCP block toons based on IP address even when logging requires either the e-mail verification code or a launcher with the authentication remembered?

  • I’m planning on using the VPN 24/7 due to the new internet surveillance legislation that became effective in my country last month. Will all my accounts (Alpha and Omega) have to go through some hoops in order to not get blocked? It seems I was lucky I decided to try the VPN with just one toon at first.

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