Help explain wh exits and connections

Hey there.
I`ll tell a situation and plz explain if i get it right -

I am in a C1 wh wth a low sec static.
I scan all signatures, and i find 4 wormholes -

  1. K162
  2. K162
  3. C125
  4. M608

so the C125 is a way to C2 wh, and M608 - a C4. Have thoes holes swawned from inside my C1 wh, and till noones jumps through them they are not seen form the other side ?

And both the K162 - someone has come through them?
I did jump throught the K162 (both) 1 was a C2 wh and the other - a C2 wh as well
Or is it the other way arround?
So where is my LS static?

Im a bit confises here :slight_smile:
Thank you,

If you have a lowsec static, you should see a J244 wormhole leading to a lowsec system.

Regarding your questions, the C125 and M609 (M608 does not exists), yes the point of origin is your solar system. However, if you see the WH type it means K162 will open on the other side sooner or later.
K162 means the point of origin is the other side of the WH connection.

Regarding how spawning K162 works, see:

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Awsome, ty.
So basecly, IF im the only one in the hole, i scan all the signatures, i can warp to them without fearing that ill open new holes from my side, as long as i dont jump throu the ones that are not K162. (Exept in case someone else has been in my wh, scanned as well, and jumped through before me, but that is no way of seeking ng it)

And one more Q- i thought that a wh with 1 static, like c1 will have 2 whs in it, the one with the empire/ls/null hole (and it will never be a k162)
And one other wh, that will lead to any other wh from c1 to c6 (also never a k162)

And if there are more whs, the rest must be k162…
Is the above correct?
Thank you.

P.s i have no other way to check if a new signature is a wh from my hole , or a K162 without warping to it, right?

If you warp to a wormhole signature and don’t jump, the other side will appear after some time. If you want it to not open, you should not even warp to it.

No, it will always have the static + any wandering wormhole. Wandering wormholes
(these are not K162) are ramdom and can appear any time. Also, a K162 may appear, that is the end of a WH connection that initiated in another system.


Correct. The only way you can be certain is that there is only your static and it just closed. Your new static will pop up and you will know it is the same type as the one that just collapsed.

Duo Roman, Thank you so very much :slight_smile: !

One more - when rolling a wh - the mass of the ships gets deducted every time i jumt, right?
So if im in the C1, jump with 20m, If the total allowed mass is 1 bil, then im left with 1 980 000 000 kg.
Then jump steight back, its 1 960 000 000 kg. Then im polarized for 5 min since the 1st jump. That makes it 48 more jumps? like 24 x 5 min timers ?
Is rolling a wh really that long, or i`m missing some opint here?
Thank you.

That is correct. You want to jump through the hole using the maximum mass possible. Use an MWD to add mass. Use a higgs rig to double your mass (after MWD). C1s are notoriously bad because of their low allowed mass relative to their total mass so keep an eye on what the max mass is and try to get as close to that as possible with ship hull + MWD + Higgs. Other holes like a C4 to C3 (C247) allow 300M on a 2B and are much easier to roll with less trips.

If you want to roll your C1 in few jumps use Nestor with 500mn MWD.

Correct, every jump, your ship mass gets deducted from the WH total mass.

not 1,980,000,000, only 980,000,000. The total mass, in case of a J244, is 1,000,000,000 kg, or 1m tons. If you jump with 20k tons, you are left with 980k tons, 960tons if you jump back to your system.

Usually, that is correct. However, as @Obil_Que mentioned, you can use a Higgs rig in your ship. This rig doubles your mass. So you need a 10k tons ship + higgs rig = 20k tons ship.

Advanced tip: click here

Somewhat advanced tip here:
Use a 100mn Afterburner or a 500mn MWD. After you click “Jump” through the WH, there is a couple of seconds you can activate the AB or MWD. They increase 50k tons on your ship. With the Higgs rig, the increased mass is 100k tons. So when you click “Jump”, game server checks your mass, if it’s less or equal 20k tons, you are allowed through. Then you activate MWD or AB, bang, 120k tons are deducted from the WH total mass.
That makes rolling C1 connections less time consuming.

You guys are awsome! Ty ty

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Nestor looks to be the king here.
20 000 000 m ship mass
50 000 000 - 100mn afterburner
Higgs I rig- doubles all
140 mil/1 jump -right? ( why someone wrote here 120m?)

With 2 accounts thats not that crazy any more.
And HIC to finnish on the right side of the hole :wink:

The problem is that with Nestor+Higgs, the initial mass is 40k tons, and the wormhole will deny you jump through it. And Nestor + 100mn AB is only 70k tons (no higgs).
Your best bet is a 10k tons ship + higgs + 100mn AB (or 500mn MWD).
The best one is the Luxury Yatch in my opinion.

HICs can exceed the 120m tons, but they only work on space that allows you to bubble (Null or WH), so closing a Lowsec or Highsec connection with a HIC is not reccomended.

I wont be able to launch the hic modules in low sec. understood

Isn’t this only a lucky guess with the 10% more/less mass on the WH? That WH can have 1100M kg, 1000M kg or 900M kg mass (or anything in between these? I’m not sure if it’s always full 10% or a random value up to 10%).

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Correct. It is the base value. I don’t have the source of the information but I read around it should be up to ±10% as you stated. I don’t think it always ± 10%, from what I’ve seen it’s, most of the time, somewhere close to base value.

That’s a moot point.

you activate the bubbles INSIDE the WH where you’re allowed to activate them to reduce mass. When coming back into the WH from HS or LS, you have your 100MN AB running and no bubbles, to increase your mass.

Then if your ship’s mass is greater than 20k tons (in the C1 case we are discussing), the WH won’t allow you through.

We use a Gnosis fit that is 20K cold and 120K with prop mod on…much cheaper than a Nestor. Also, just yesterday we rolled a C1 with four jumps, easy peasy. :slightly_smiling_face:

From 20 to 70 I can see, but what am I overlooking that is allowing you to get to 120?

Higgs rig.