Help me on Forming a Career Progression Chart for new players - Explo Wormh

Follow capsuleers, please help on an information gathering on Career Progression Chart for new players. like L1 Mission → … → L4 Mission → Incursion, etc.
so new player can have a better picture for what to aim for.

links as below:
★ ::: Playable Roles Progression sum-up for new players, please help ★ - New Citizens Q&A - EVE Online Forums

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Players already have the AIR Program and the Activity Tracker to measure their progression.
The AIR Program does a good job in summarizing the careers and the Activity Tracker not only does what it suggests but also presents a detail overview of all career activities so I don’t see why anyone would need a Career Progression Chart, much less new players.


New players aren’t dumb 12-year-olds. They can use the internet and find anything they want on EVE, they can speak to anyone on Discord, Teamspeak, in the game, lots of players don’t mind giving info to a new corpmates, even in NPC corporations, even recruiters don’t mind answering a few questions.
-What does help is organize PvE and PvP fleets for NPC corporations rookie players and get them used to communicating and collaborating in groups.


Your idea is solid, AIR program indeed guides you.
However, AIR program only shows x/x ships destroyed, x/x xxx done, there isn’t a progress about it.
Take Abyssal for example, new player might not know that it’s an end game PvE high requirements activity, even though you can do T1 with a frigate. and i had the idea abyssal was a wormhole exploration activity for half a year before knowing it is a pve instead of exploration.

For the new player, Play time under 1 year can all considered into new player category I believe.
There’re lonewolf solo players out there, afk re-joined players as well, not everyone is joining big corp and actively login everyday.

And I am the dumb player searched all over the net and can not understand how solo pvp progress by stages, and I only did 3 fleet battles in my life time, does not have a clue how fleeting progress as well.

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But you want to make a fully-fledged Career Progression Chart…
Good luck and have fun!:smiley:

Thanks. it is called a gathering for a reason. lol
Hoping more contributes coming in that I can summarize.
Since I’m gonna do it, might as well do it for everyone.
Wish it can go well.

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Hope it goes well for you.
Don’t hesitate to have a breather after a few. Don’t want to get burned out before it’s finished.

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