Help me!

in this photo here there are two t2 clusters making the ingredients for the one p3 cluster. i have followed it but it doesnt let me create a link between the two p2 cluster launchpad to the one p3 cluster launchpad. (to then reroute the items to the p3 facilities)
It says i cant create a route between storage facilities, or something like that. I cant figure out what they are doing in the photo to bypass that and i do not have enough cpu and power grid to manually link the p2 launchpads to every single p3 facility. Can someone please help?

Is your route overloading one or more of the links? You’d need to upgrade the overburdened link in that case.

Each link is a pipe and sometimes you try to shove too much through the pipe, so you have to make the pipe fatter.

it came up with a different message, ill screen shot just give me a sec to load up eve


It says you are trying to create a route not a link. It is true you cannot create a route between storage facilities. Link you can but that would be for manual expedited transfers.

What I would do in this scenario is that you can run the link between storage facilities. If the tier 3 storage is linked to the tier 3 production you can just then run the product from tier 2 storage through the tier 3 storage to the tier 3 factories. (you would just route direct form tier 2 storage to the tier 3 factories. The tier 3 storage would be a waypoint if you set it up like in the diagram above). The tier 3 storage is for storing the end product after production. You can also manually expedited transfer to the tier 3 storage then run normally.

but i cant route stuff from the t2 storage to the t3 storage which is what im tryna do

It cannot be done except with expedited transfers.

The only routing that makes sense beyond that is form the tier 2 storage to the tier 3 factories. That will work just fine in the diagram above. I assume that in the diagram that he is using that tier 3 storage for end product collection.

oh i dont have enough cpu and powergrid

could i route the finished t2 materials through a t2 factory and then to the t3 storage facility liek in the picture? (well i assume that is whats happening)

No. But you could route them form the p2 factories to the p3 storage.

would that use a lot of links though?

Nah. Once you set up the “links” in the diagram. Then set up the routes. Routes dont take any extra pg/cpu until you have to upgrade for overload. I think you can daisy chain a product through 5 separate links before it it will message that the line is too long.

wait so are you saying to route each t2 facility to the t3 storage?

That will work yes. Also you can go direct from p2 storage to p3 factory. Both will work just depends on your storage needs on which would be more efficient. If you need more room for storing the end product then I would go with the 2nd example.

Most routes are done like:

  1. Extractors to P1 Storage (buffer b/c extraction can be uneven or give you a buffer of materials)
  2. One central P1 Storage → Each P1->P2 Factory
  3. Each P2 Factory → Different P2->P3 Factory
  4. Each P3 Factory → Launchpad

You don’t do “Each P2 Factory → One central P2 Storage” in step 3 (and don’t then do “One central P2 Storage → Another central storage”) because IIRC the tick times and manufacturing amounts of factories neatly lines up so that 1 P2 factory provides the mats that would be consumed by 1 P3 factory (for 1 type of input material), so no buffer is needed.

That’s if your PI setup is producing P3 from all the P2 with the goal of only exporting P3 materials. If you’re looking to export both P3 and P2 materials, there’s no need to centralize all the materials into a single launchpad. You have 3 in your setup, just put the P2 and P3 products into their nearby launchpad and when you go collect, launch the mats from each launchpad into the orbiting customs office.

in the photo the links between clusters are connecting the factories.
Then a link between the factory and the launchpad are different links.

Then you just your routes.

Routes can pass through other buildings so i think you do have the links already .

Create 6 routes from p2 spaceport 1 to each p3 factory then 6 more routes from p2 spaceport 2 to each factory again . Route you p3 factory outputs to p3 spaceport .

Been a while since I set up PI but i think that should work .

how because when i try it just says it isnt in commodity scheme

dont have enough cpu :frowning:

Youve selected the correct schema item to be produced at your p3 factory ??

Because iirc thats the error you get when you havent chosen what product that factory is to produce .

If so just create route between spaceport with p2 to the p2 input of your p3 factory .

Also routing doesnt cost cpu . The physical link costs pg/cpu, the instruction to move things , or route , doesnt .

Thinking on it again I might be wrong though the only setup I use that uses ‘pass through’ routing might just be shifting stuff from the schema being used at the factory anyway , not sure :thinking:

/edit might be worth you searching a couple of vids on youtube , thats how I learnt , the answer you need might be there :wink:

sorry i fixed it now
thanks to everyone for your help :slight_smile: