Need halp clarifying routing mechanics

two questions:

  1. If I have something routed to a storage that travels through another storage from the link chain, and the end destination gets full, will the product then start filling up in the previous storage that it had a route passing through, or would it just bottleneck the entire production to a standstill?

  2. if I have 2 extractors putting the same product into a storage and several factories tapping into it, i notice the routing from storage has 2 options to route (the extracted amount from each extractor), i can just route either/or to the factories and it will take it from the silo, or would it only take the selected stack from the silo (the one extractor head) thus leaving a buildup of the resource from the one extractor head that wasn’t routed?

As far as I know…

  1. If you’ve got them arranged Extractor - Storage A - Storage B and your route says “From Extractor to Storage B” then the route in Storage A will only say “Transiting”. Which means it isn’t trying to hold anything, it’s just passing items along. If Storage B fills up, Storage A will not know to hold onto the excess.

However, if you set a couple routes… “From Extractor to Storage A” and “From Storage A to Storage B”, then the overflow will start to accumulate in (A) once (B) is full. Otherwise (A) will basically just transit the items straight to (B) as in the first example.

  1. I’m pretty sure you can create a route using either of the Incoming piles. I don’t think they get that nitpicky, to say that you must specify which pile goes where. Once the Extractors hand off items to the Storage, it just turns into one big pile. And then it pulls from that singular pile and hands some off to each Factory. The only reason they look separate is b/c it’s illustrating that it’s got several Routes established for supplies.
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^agree with both points of @Marcus_Gideon ^

1, You can not route from a storage to another storage.

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