Help me!

Firstly, I am not a programmer, but I have managed to make an application, authorize users, pull data, refresh tokens and it seems like it’s going good.

Two things here that I would like and cant seem to find any way to find the data.

First. Boosters - and when they expire.
Attribute Boosters being in the game, it would be nice to easily see when its going to end (without logging in), but look as much as I can, I cant see this information anywhere. I could probably try to make assumptions of when it ends (using skill completion time), but before I do that I was hoping someone might know of a way to make it show.

The Second thing is something I think the Dev’s don’t want (Why??).
But I want to be able to query when MCT will end, again I can make assumptions if it has expired or not (training will stop), but it doesn’t let me give myself a few days warning to buy MCT from the market or whatever. I know that it’s an “Account Wide” thing, but as they don’t send email reminders for MCT then it can just run out without you knowing.

I am only using the ESI pulls.

Another thing that makes me scratch my head in confusion.
If the ESI is character specific, why do I need to specify character ID in nearly every call?

  1. This isn’t possible atm. There is an open feature request for this here however Best workaround would be to maybe query the attributes endpoint,, and check if attributes are higher than normally possible? Can be checked once an hour.

  2. That also isn’t possible and prob won’t be possible since ESI isn’t account wide.

  3. Just because it is character specific, doesn’t mean ESI knows what character should be used, hence why you specify it.

Thanks for the GitHub link. I will probably do something like (sum(ESIattributes) - sum(implants) - 99)/5 to give booster, then see how much time I am saving over the base attribute train time (without booster) to give a left over time. It just seems like a pain in the backside, but hopefully the suggestion will be taken up and we can query the item. The bigger problem will be when you have multiple boosters working at the same time, or a clone with boosters that you cant query at all.

Hopefully they will add an account-wide way to check Alpha, Omega, and MCT. While I understand why they want to make things “character specific”, it seems like they are ignoring the fact that this is important when you manage multiple characters.

They wont. This has been stated strongly enough that it’s absolutely pointless to even ask for it. Account level information is considered PII, which then means any 3rd party app developer is legally bound to follow 9872364598723649857236498576 different variations of privacy laws, and a whole other bunch of hassles when it’s far easier to NOT give that information out via API. If it’s something important for an app to have, then just ask the user “are you omega/alpha, did this character use a MPTC?”

Legal trumps convenience.

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