Help need in Ohide

My main and this alt live in Amarr , i started seeing Ohide a target for gankers so i made this alt to try anti-ganking out , on my first try a saved a freighter and the pilot gave me 100mil , very pleased.

But i need help , i’ve been talking to Gifhany Red and she has given me some good tips but i need more people to make alts or your mains to help out. Why i say alts , it just makes it easier to leave this char in Ohide and log in when i’m needed or thats the plan.

We don’t have to join anything just work together in Ohide and try and save what we can.

If your worried about talking here mail me or open a chat in game


Going to set up other areas for anti-ganking if anyone is interested helping.

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Ohide you say , ill have a look :slight_smile:


ive got some folks nearby, we will have a visit and poke around
send us intel and kill rights please!

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It’s large fleet gate gankers , mostly -10 so KR not useful, 2 fleet one in Ohide and one in odin, HSG, and Control are the groups ,

ok im in ohide, how do i join fleet? let’s kill these miners!

Damn you are fast sir heh

You are the same person.

No no I am the same person

But are you a sane person?

True, we are all one

So Everytime a ganker ganks they are really ganking themselves…

Wheaux, deep

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