A wise man once said that for evil to triumph all that is required is that good men do nothing .

That ends now. this good man will stand up for every miner in eve who has lost a mining ship or orca, every freighter or transport pilot who’s paid a ransom only to be blown up anyway.

So here is what i propose

everyone who has a backbone is willing to stand up and is willing to take a stand. Get an alt into the bottleneck systems. they don’t have to be skilled just able to fly a noob ship so a new guy will do, and start bumping bump every ship that hangs around the gates in these bottleneck systems. Niarja, Madirmilire you know where these systems are. A LOT OF U HAVE BEEN GANKED IN THEM.

Get an alt go there and start bumping bumping for all your worth. tell these cowards to go away politely. we dont need to shoot we dont need to break any rules just bump for all your worth. No skills required.

Billy Gibbs poopdecker


You know… I have flown a charon around for 7 years, including a large time passing through those major check points. It was never ganked and I paid no extortion money.

Learn to fly safe. Learn how not to be content for the gankers. Do that, spread that message and you’ll do far more than any anti-ganker bumping ship ever has.


Wow, what did you lose op?

Anyway, thanks for your tears.


Hey Billy Gibbs poopdecker! While I admire your spunk, I’m afraid that you’ll do nothing but be incredibly ineffective. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I am one of the best bumpers in all of New Eden. I’m afraid that your Velator and it’s lack of a Microwarp Drive will be highly ineffective.

I would be interested in having a Bump-off to settle who is the superior bumper if you are inclined to show off your skill.



Hey buddy! Interceptors aren’t that great at bumping large things. I know what to be an important space-hero, but maybe you should learn how to stand up on your feet before you try walking.

Seems like babbling, crawling on the ground, and pooping your pants is more your current style.


They are great in that they will try to bump the scout or whatever for 30min and when you tell them to back off they will orbit you so close that you have a perfect warpin for the ganker.

Last guy I got that way lost a 700mil pod. However he then revealed to me that it was all his plan all along to reduce his bounty and that I was just “used” for this purpose :anguished: such evil!!


It’s cute how harmless they are, really.

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What many are pointing out is that your solution has been tried before and failed. Counter bumping is hard.

You also have to understand that one random soul screaming at the wind won’t change the wine’s direction. You need a narrative. Look at what james did with CODE. He gave them a story and a purpose. He gave them content, tears, and free ships. You offer nothing, and expect the world to change. It doesn’t work that way.

Might I suggest… Creating an alt and joining code. Learn how ganking works. Learn what system mechanics they face. Then… Use that knowledge to make a better plan of attack.

It is actually all documented on the homepage, so no need to join CODE. … except… you don’t suggest he should go after our schedules right?!! We really hate it when they infiltrate us for our schedules!!

But seriously join CODE. , the worst thing that can happen is that you actually have fun playing EVE for once :smiley:


The material cost of gank ships is largely a non-issue for the major ganking groups, and the primary resource limitations on ganking are effort and manpower. Gankers are lazy people, and the effort we are willing to put in tends to directly correspond to how big, shiny, and easy to gank the target is.

Fit bulkheads and use some common sense, and you are suddenly not worth ganking anymore.

Sure, CODE. might do it occasionally out of boredom, but guess what, they only do it when they have a fleet up and running nearby with the necessary numbers - something that you can EASILY see by running a scout through the choke point ahead of your freighter and seeing all the -10 pilots flashing in local.

We’re not about to rageform for a random 1B bulkheaded freighter, because the sort of effort required to do that, and the manpower we have to gather is not worth it. The only way you are going to lose that is by being dumb - either by not being aware of what’s going on, or by provoking someone enough that it become personal.

wow as i said people with balls.

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Balls are weak…:wink:


You aren’t going to stop ganking without very deep pockets, committed pilots, and a solid understanding of game mechanics. Good luck with that.

The antiganking groups are horribly ineffective, they might manage to save one target out of a hundred on average, and that’s when they show up at all. We’ve always seen them as more of an annoyance than a threat.


In memory of all the people in tutorial zone.


@Billy_Gibbs_poopdecker you were SO effective today!


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1 is better than nothing

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At that rate, the effectiveness is comparable to pilot error on our part and random server hiccups. It’s not meaningful.

I mean, he might not be all that useless. I’m not sure if it was coincidence, but I made a good bit this morning. The only thing that was different was that this guy and his little friend were bumping me in frigates and being chatty in local.

I guess I have him to thank? Would you like a cut of the isk @Billy_Gibbs_poopdecker?

What with those of us that simply don’t give a ■■■■? Are you saying we don’t have a backbone for not giving a ■■■■?

If you actually managed to “stop the ganking” CCP would need to replace them with NPC pirates. Destruction is an essential component of the Eve economy and risk vs reward is an essential component of game balance.

Learn how to fit and fly your ship, maintain situational awareness and build an occasional loss into your business plan.