Help needed with ingame Gallente tutorial SOLVED

Hi all, I’m having a major issue with the in game tutorial for Gallente, specifically the first mission upon being given a new ship. The tutorial says to “rendezvous with Elias Peltonnen”… I have warped to the area, and approached the named vessel, but nothing happens… No dialogues open up, no automated popup with mission details, nothing… I am stuck basically at the first hurdle and there doesn’t seem to be any help available online at all.

I had expected the message window to automatically pop up as it does when you very first start the game, you approach a captain, and a dialogue immediately starts. No such luck with the “tutorial”, no help given by the game at all.

I think best if you visit the support portal, submit a ticket that you are stuck and a GM should help you out pretty quick. Also worth posting in the rookie help channel maybe a GM is watching it.

I had a look at the support portal, but decided it best to ask for help here first… I’ve also got an issue opening the ingame chat channels, IE they wont actually open a chat window. I guess I will submit a ticket and see if they can help at all, Thank you.

Yeah might not seem like the best choice in an urgent situation like this but based on my personal experience they usually respond within half an hour to such got stuck tickets. Of course your result may vary. Good luck and fly safe o/

My personal experience in most games is that the “support portals” seem to have the slowest response time, so more often than not, I will reach out to a forum and get better help, quicker lol. Thank you for the advice, I also had an issue witht he portal saying that my email was unverified despite verifying minutes beforehand, but I have sent a direct email asking my questions instead. Thanks again. o/

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