Help save our beloved turrets from jerky movements!

As of right now, countless number of turrets have a severe case of “Snap” when they want to switch to a different point of impact of their current target.
This problem can be described when their primary target is rotating and the turrets seek to shoot to a different point of impact, and this is where the problem shows up, these turrets are unable to contain their eagerness and instantaneously target the next point of impact, this is a problem, one which makes several pilots feel sorrow for their beloved adorable turrets that they are unable to make a smooth turn.

In fact the problem is not just there, if the ship that owns these turrets happen to have a second target then another problem rises up on the board. Turns out these turrets Are capable of a smooth turn, but only when the first target dies and only the Fire key is pressed to activate the turrets to fire to the next target, the turret will make a smooth turn, missing a few shots (visually) along the way, and then continues to have the same issue as it did before!

It saddens our hearts knowing that our trusty companions are unable to grant the owners a grand feeling of immersion by being unable to turn smoothly when changing the point of impact to fire at.

Support the cause, 1 like and you will save a set of turrets from their problems, and give them a better life, visually pleasing their owners.

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They’re called targets, a hardpoint is what the turret is mounted to.

You may want to change the word spastic to jerky, in some places spastic is considered to be offensive and insulting to disabled folks.

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also what Jonah said, who beat me by a few seconds. grrr. :slight_smile:

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YES! Thank you!

And yes I was fully aware of the current meaning of an hardpoint ingame, I just did not know what to call those points beforehand and placed a disclaimer at the start to notify people that I simply didn’t know what to call those.

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It’s all cool, I’d still suggest changing the title though; CCP Falcon is from one of those places where spastic is an insult outside of the medical profession.


Hmn… Alright, thanks for the tip!


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