Help With 3d Models?

Im wanting to do a cosplay type armor based on the genolution combat suit/SOE Combat suit and i want to get the 3d models from the game so i can get all the angles and such correct but im having a lot of trouble with triexporter and im not sure what i need to do to get the 3d models out of the game any help is greatly appreciated

I use:
TriExporter with newest granny2.dll to unpack the directory with models and textures from EVE files
Granny Viever to see what there is actually in the files.
Grnreader98 with newest granny2.dll to extract models from .gr2 to .smd with submeshes.
Milkshape trial to convert .smd to .obj
Blender for remodeling and texturing.

For me the models exported are sometimes not opening tho. Same with textures. Triexporter exports, but the files are not usable. I have SOE female armor extracted tho, and in obj format.

which file type is it?

I know it’s probably posted, i am just asking for confirmation
because they accept 2 file types, and they can be used to make videos
at 10 cents per grams.

I don’t work Saturday(s).

Their main branch is too busy to inform by phone instead of in person.

I found it’s using .stl files from one place, Fort York, and the other main branch uses 2 types.
The .stl types, and probably another one.

They suggest that I use the Cura program name to load the model into it, and try to convert it to an .stl file.
I will try to update the 2nd file type, as it may make it easier to convert or transfer model file type into the other data set system.
It can also be more resilient for redundancy and security, should the data get corrupted or forfeited.

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