Help with GeForce Now

Greetings, everyone.

I would like some help with playing EVE Online through GeForce Now, please.

When I launch the game through GFN, the client asks me to log in; I select the STEAM option (as my EVE account was created though Steam) and after entering username/password, it takes me to Steamguard.

Every time I try to play the game, I have to repeat this process, and enter a new Steamguard code.

It seems the client does not recognize the computer/ip if played though GeForce Now. I have not experienced this on other games that also have game clients (like Guild Wars 2, or Albion Online [before it was removed]).

Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

I’ll flag your post and they will move it to the tech forum where you might get help.

I’ve moved your post from General Discussion to General Issues

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