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I like mining, planetary interaction and building stuff, I have never realy been into PVP or PVE, is ther a place to go to ask questions about different groups that are into playing the game the same way I enjoy playing. I am in a good group now in nullsec but they have to many requirements for doing PVP as far as I am interested in.

Sov null isnt where i like to be, but from my experience there, every alliance has a small group of industrialists who focus mostly on building stuff, but still go on the occasional PvP roam to help out.

You will be highly desired if you can manufacture caps, as every alliance has a never-ending need for them.

Sovereign Nullsec is about taking and holding sovereignty in a region of space - i.e. PVP. If you can’t defend your space, it won’t be yours for long.

If you aren’t interested in PVP there are other ways you can contribute to your corporation - perhaps contribute your skills and industry slots to build doctrine ships. Ultimately, if you’re playing Eve for the economic simulation, you’ll probably end up back in highsec.

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Greetings, you should like our Corp, we are a high sec Corp that aim to help new players into mining and industry. We are located close to markets, to asteroids, and from books. Look for rookie miners and industry and look at our ads


We’re a uk based Corp, living in 0.0 space. We have a high demand for Indy pilots in our Corp and alliance.
We do require you to do pvp as we have our own space and hold sov.
You can always be tackle as every fleet needs tackle.
Only requirement we have is a minimum 5 million skill points.
If this is you come join our in game channel brittas empire public or our discord channel

Fly safe o7

EvE is not for you.

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