Help with Pyfa

Is there anyplace or anyone who can help me with Pyfa? I cannot get it to work and play properly and I can’t locate anyplace to go for help.

What specifically are you having trouble with?

I’ve downloaded the character info from Eve into the ESI (?). The all show up in the SSO Character Management window – no place else. They do not show up in the Character Editor, so I can’t do anything with them regarding the fits. What am I doing wrong?

Okay, I think I get what’s going on. You need to create the character within Pyfa, and then associate the correct ESI data with that character.

  1. In the menu bar at the top left, Go to “Editors” --> “Character Editor”
  2. Click on the “New Character” button in the top right corner (it looks like a blank sheet with a yellow circle in the corner. if you hover over it, a tooltip with the name will appear).
  3. Type in the character’s name
  4. Ensuring that you have the correct character selected in the drop down list, click on the “EVE SSO” tab (it’s below the character dropdown list on the left hand side)
  5. Select the appropriate character
  6. Click on the “Get Skills” button.
  7. You should see a dialogue box saying “Succesfully fetched skills.” If not, let me know.
  8. You can now select that character from the character drop down box on the top right of the fitting window.
  9. Repeat for all your toons.

If you have any problems, let me know.

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That seems to have done the trick. Thanks very much for your help!

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