PYFA questions

Hi guys

I have been trying to use PYFA, but I am stuck on it and need a bit of help. So here are the issues I have or am stuck on:

  1. When I go into character editor to edit skill levels, it doesn’t let me do that. All the buttons are greyed / whitened out. How do I actually edit my skills ? Can’t seem to find any interactable buttons or anything for that.

  2. When I go into “add character”, it sends me to Eve Online website for login ? I don’t wanna import character from Eve, just quickly make one and edit some skill levels. How do I do that ?

  3. When I import a fitting into PYFA via clipboard from game, or just make one in PYFA, then if it has an active tank thats activated, it lists the hitpoints in EHP per second. This is useless to me, how do I get it to display Hitpoints per second, instead of EHP per second ?

  4. Implants and boosters, same as in #1 all the stuff is greyed out, can’t do anything, how do I get it to work ?


  1. The two default characters (All 5, and All 0) can’t be edited, they always have all skills at 5, and at 0.

  2. I assume that you are trying to add a character via the EVE SSO menu. (EVE SSO -> Manage Character -> Add Character)

Instead, go to Window -> Character Editor -> New Character (top right of the window). Enter a character name, and then you should be able to manually input levels for each skill. Alternatively you can use Copy Character, to copy the All 5, or All 0 defaults and use them as a starting point.

  1. On the ‘Resistances’ Block should be a button which says ‘EHP’ or ‘HP’. Click that to toggle between using EHP and raw HP.

  2. Not seeing this, and can’t reproduce it. Can you provide a screenshot?


Thanks, I was able to figure out the rest of it.

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