How can I get a character file for use with PYFA without using ESL?

Before with the API keys it was simple, get the person to make an API with skills and you just use that key. But now with things being different I’m not sure what I can do aside from manually setting each skill…

Unless you use ESI (which is very easy to set up in PYFA), you are correct- you can only set things manually.

Why do you not want to use ESI? Are you looking at skills and fits for another player?

Yeah it’s for another player :confused:

Yeah, gotcha- there’s not a great option for that as far as I know.

One thing that you could do is have them install PYFA and set up their ESI login. Then, from the character window, they can copy all of their skills, send that to you, and you can import their skills from your clipboard.

Still not great, but better than manually setting them all.

If anybody else has a way to deal with this, I’d also be really interested to know.

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Personally I’d just make some pseudo characters. It’s real easy to export the all 5 character to the clip board, paste it into notepad, and find/replace the 5 to 4, then copy and import back into pyfa as a new character, could also do an all lv3/2/1 character.

Also You can copy the all 5 character and set the copy as alpha to have a way to check fits for alpha characters.

Honestly I wouldn’t spend too much time nitpicking low SP fits, New players should be able to get into an all 2-3 type fit pretty quickly. Also if you start to teach them how to fit they should hopefully be able to make their own adjustments.

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