Here we grow again!

cheers m8, great of you to stop by our humble recruitment thread =)

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I must once again ask you to consider the benefits of joining a laid-back, genuine group of People Who Can Encounter Closely In Eve

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I am genuinely laid back.

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3 months ago i couldn’t D scan properly, now i’m running after targets in fleets and solo hunting refining my skills.
Wheeling and dealing on the market, helping roll wormholes that bring pests into our home. All kinds of shishe.
Got my big boy pants on and getting ready for big things with the big boys.
Got a fat and I mean FAT wallet, FAT FAT FAT!!!

I owe this all to my very patient CEO, directors and friends in CEEK!!!
Also proud to say I am part of the BEST alliance in the game.

Thank you CEEK, you should thank them too.


Thank you for posting in the recruitment thread today, Cyrax

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So why would you want to join CEEK? Whats in it for you? What makes us different than any other corp in the game? To be honest that depends on what your looking for. So look at this.

  • You would likely fit into CEEK actually watched the first Star Wars movie in a theater when you were a kid.
  • You would likely fit into CEEK if your first telephone had a cord on it.
  • You would likely fit into CEEK if you know what a Rubik Cube is and still find the damn thing annoying.
  • You would likely fit into CEEK if knew what life was like before the internet and social media.
  • You would likely fit into CEEK if you still know how to read and write on paper and you probably can write in cursive if you really wanted to, but don’t like too.
  • You would also likely fit into CEEK if you understand that your body has a mind of its own after you hit 40 and after you hit 50, yea well, I am going to stop there. You get my point.

I digress.

Yes, we have fun. So please bring your sense of humor. If you get offended easily we don’t do hugs and kisses, we don’t have a therapy dog, and we don’t have therapy cat even though these seems to be a cat fetish in Eve. We have our HR director and he can help you with your “Boohoo” problems if they arise.

Yes, we do occasionally use “Harsh Language” in a fight. This is what happens when your not allowed to use your M41A Pulse Rifle and it is only weapon you have available. If you know what I am referring too then you have successfully answered today’s bonus question. Therefor, you may be offended by something someone says, so please for all of our sakes, have a spine.

  • We are actual adults, well, at least we are when we have to be.
  • We are real people who have real lives.
  • We are all playing the same game for fun.
  • We want other like minded people to join us and stay with us.

There are people in CEEK that can teach you all aspects of the game, with some of our long term players that have been here from the beginning of Eve to new players like myself that have only been here a few years.

We want you to enjoy the game your way, but enjoy it with us.

Eve is still very much alive!

The people is what makes Eve what is it.
That is what CEEK is about, and that is who we are.

So, I ask you again. Why would you want to join us?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jason “JAFO” Munro

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^What else can you expect in CEEK?

We got:

  • Bloodthirsty Buddies ( o/ Helgast Militarum)
  • Big Bounties
  • Brazen Bombers; regular whaling fleets as led by Init. whaling captain extraordinaire, Shvo
  • Busy Belts
  • Bring Your CEO To Fleet Day (which is any day)
  • Ballsy alliance roams and ESS fleets
  • Bait Bhaalghorns
  • Big fans (daily visitors) our corp loves to meet in space, no matter the outcome
  • Beefy alliance logistics
  • A swedish guy who found his way into our mumble and apparently likes it so much he has made it his second home, fostering a lucrative local waste management program in the process

And there you have it.

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You should better agree on which of you will post here and when. Post closed for 48 hours because of exsessive bumping.

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The elites don’t want you to know this, but we are still recruiting. Especially if you enjoy actively participating in PVP and use voice comms =)

Now with 50% less doublebumping and 100% more drunken danish people (we seem to be a magnet for scandinavians) stumbling into our mumble late during EU nights.


Well I got it today!!!
No doublebumping but, double up on a chance to come join the most laid back but deadly serious corp when agitated and poked, Close Encounters of the Eve Kind, “CEEK”.
And, the best alliance in the game, The Initiative.

History is forged by actions of individuals that group together as one.
Come to CEEK, mark your spot in EVE history.


A nice gentle push instead of a bump today.

Exceptional mining.
Killing stuff.


Yup, simple.

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To my surprise, regarding the circumstances, we do actually still seem to be recruiting.

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Just back from yet another Kiki whaling fleet, this time with a powerful response and some brawling before we did a Zoidberg woopwoopwoopwoop back to our wormhole and I managed to dock up in a blue structure 45 seconds before downtime

Do you enjoy fishing, too?

Oh, and I also got to witness the glory of a well-oiled, professional logistical effort last evening as the whole alliance deployed north. Massive respect for the people in Init. who obviously put in the work o7


Had a blast in the local standing fleet last night.
Chasing some “non residents” into a dead end pocket, never got to engage as they filamented out.
But met some really good people in fleet chat and shared the hunt.

Still recruiting BTW…

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Booshing back up!

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something something spaceships
something something recruiting

To be frank, real life took off recently and I haven’t done overly much in Eve this week. Two days ago, at about 2am local time, way past my bedtime, I decided to hop into mumble just to check in with everyone; ended up almost crying laughing as I stepped right into a session of cracking silly jokes and fooling around; spent half an hour or so chatting with everyone and then logged off and finally went to bed in a great mood.

This is ultimately what it’s about in having a good group of people to enjoy things together.


freshly back from my first time doing sneaky sneaky cloaky cloaky operations

still recruiting
still looking for active people that show some initative

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