Here we grow again!

The other cool thing about CEEK?
We aren’t one of those Nul-sec corps that just dock up when neuts come into system, nope. The ■■■■■■■■ excuse " don’t feed em" doesn’t apply here, we take fights cause we like to fight!
We live in the rich part of space so having isk isn’t a problem so losing ■■■■ to have fun isn’t a problem.
Hell, I’ve lost 5 bil in ships in 24 hrs, but , with an in corp SRP program, SHHHHHHH! Don’t let that out, we have a blast.

CEEK, the non lazy Nul-Sec corp.

Another returning player joined us today. Come check us out!

Our Corporation is T H R I V I N G.

Recently, we have had plenty of mining, ratting and, constructing going on!

We enjoy watching our wallets get fatter on a daily basis together.

Lost a ship running a small gang with us? Hull is 100% SRP’d.

Not only does your wallet get fat, it STAYS fat!

Join Close Encounters of the Eve Kind (CEEK) T O D A Y!

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Your destiny still awaits you.

CEEK is still actively recruiting.

Join us in our adventure!

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Still looking for your forever home in New Eden?

Well guess what, youre in luck. CEEK is still actively recruiting!

Join us!

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Another couple of new members (returning players) joining us this weekend! Come check us out!

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Far too many times, we get to talk to EVE players that have had horrible experiences with Corps/Alliance for various reasons ! Don’t feel stuck ! Don’t judge EVE based on that experience alone! Play with a like-minded community available to help you, provide content and a group of mature players that respect each other and focus on having fun…

IRL always here first.

We have grown 27% since Jan 1st !
Another 2 members joined yesterday !
Last night, members mined corp moons with 0% Tax !
Last night, we had some fun small roam fights !
Last night, we made a lot of ISK !

Come join our community :slight_smile:

Message me in game to learn more !


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CEEK is overflowing with great people right now.

There’s never been a better time to join us! Apply today!

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