Here we grow again!


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After two weeks of sickness-induced winter sleep, I have returned to bump this thread

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Oh good my turn again!!!

I’m lying abit low regarding eve right now, but still went on three fleets in the past five days, and only one of those got accidentally lost in a wormhole for a few minutes. If you are a fan of Scenic Tours Across New Eden For Kids Who Can’t Pew Pew Good, consider applying today!

I am really running low on ‘funny’ takes to bump a recruitment thread. Eve life here is still more than agreeable, something something idk, all the info is in the OP anyway :smiley:

He puts the “lost” in lost in space lololol!!! I kill myself lol, anyway, yeah this is the chillest bunch of troops you will find in EVE, period.

If you want to “win Eve”, look us up.