Hermitage is recruiting, join us now!

(Carna Ivanov) #1

Hermitage corporation is a young corp I create to play with people basicaly, plus we have made a consortium with for now 2 corps, we are looking for player and corps who mine, explore, pve and pvp.

We offer you as a player a low tax corp (5%), for miners we have an orca to boost incomes, for explorers we have an intel of the outer ring and sindycate region, for pve player we can give you some advice, allow you to earn some good standing to start from, often ships if needed, for industrialist people we have tons of bpc sleeping on Dodixie, for pvp guys we have fits, ships helps, intel and capabilities of fleet up often.

If you’re interested by all of that apply now !

As a corp we could help you for
-wardec with the possibility to have allies you know without be forced into a war due to the fact we’re not an alliance but a consortium.

-Mining fleet up often

-Join somewhat is bigger than alone and were you’ll get experience and help from us and members.

So if you’re a lone corp looking for bigger stuff with bigger fleets and friend mail me Carna Ivanov and we’ll be able to do our diplomat job !

Hope to talk with you soon !

Our discord server https://discord.gg/pPqAwN8

(system) #2

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