Hi No Ha Recruiting [Baws Deep]

Hi there,

Hi No Ha is a new corporation that is looking for like-minded members. We just established our first base and joined a null sec alliance. Now is a great time to get involved as we build the corporation from the ground up with our close-knit group of members.

If you are interested, then please reply to this mail and we’ll send you an invite. Below in a summary of our corporation.

Hi No Ha is primarily a corporation for people to enjoy EVE. Whether it be a seasoned veteran or brand-new player, this corporation is a community for all.

We do everything, from mining (Orca boost and moon), missions, PVP tourneys eventually, and more. We have mining fleets going almost daily.

Eve is a fun place. Let’s keep it that way. Let’s do our best to help each other and have fun together!

All that is asked are a few things:
-Don’t ridicule “stupid” questions. Ther are no stupid questions. Even the oldest of players can learn things.
-If someone asks for help, do your best to offer it

Feel free to play as you like, nobody is forced to join in on corporation activity.

Again, if you are interested in joining then please reply here or send me a mail in-game!

-Willyiam, Hi No Ha, Recruitment Manager

Can I join.

Of course, invite being sent now. Check your mail!


I dont know if id be of any use to you.


Well, I’d say any person with good intentions is of use to this corp!

If you think that’s you then accept the invitation.

What if my intentions are more… evil?

Bro, stop trolling me :grinning:

im seriously trying to look for a good corp.

BTW, your corp name. Does it mean “Hi (hello,) No Ha (no laughter allowed)”?

:rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: :laughing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Does that answer your question, my friend?


You seem to be crying a lot, so yes.

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We’re still recruiting. Any interested, please feel free to send me a mail. Thank you!


Bump! Still recruiting.

Not a very nice corp. I joined, and they kicked me out after finding out i wouldnt give them 500 million to build a station.

Very Dissapoint.


Let it be known, by the powers vested in me, and my brothers in this corporation, that it is true. Solonius “Charles” Rex did join our corporation and admitted me that he was a “nice guy” and “my son.” He is a liar and troll. Get under your bridge good sir. I am afraid to admit that he also called me, “Daddy.”

It was apparent to me that his only aim was to cause harm to this corporation, after letting him speak, and giving him the benefit of the doubt. He seeks to harm us through confusion and disillusioned words. He is not a good man, and you are not welcome in this corporation anymore. Forever.


…or lie?

I can never tell a lie. You on the other hand…,


Aye, indeed. This image of words speaks truth wholly . You are a troll, yet we entertained you. You seek to harm us and we will not allow it anymore. Let it be held here for the record:

Hi No Ha shall stand for truth and justice, and we shall not be trolled any longer!

You know, i was actually being sincere, and wouldve helped your corp alot. Youre the first corp that i joined after leaving the only other corp ive ever joined and that i was with for 8 years. New Citizens Q&A is the subforums that I am the second most active within where I help new players answer questions. I wasnt lying when I said i am a nice guy.

Your loss, I suppose.

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I guess it is. Good night, Solonius. I don’t buy it. At all.

((OOC: You are funny though, I won’t lie.))

Thats why i said it was your loss. Im a 10 year veteran that has done almost everything in-game, and yeah, i wouldve given you great advice and helped you along the way. My track record in New Citizens Q and A, speaks for itself.

Ill keep an eye out on you guys though. You know, incase I join another corp, and we just happen to cross paths. So I guess youll have that to look forward to.

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