High DPI devices don't render very well

I am playing on a Surface Book 2. The resolution is 3240x2160 and the scaling is set to 200% by default (windows 10). All the text in every UI of this game (from the launcher to the game itself) is so small I can’t read it. I’m talking 2 pt font. This game is nearly impossible to play.

The tutorial is nearly impossible to play. I completely missed what skill I was supposed to learn and now I’ve learned all the 1h long skills and I can’t get past the tutorial part of learning skills because I couldn’t see what skill they were talking about. I’ve queued up the remaining 2 and 3-hour skills.

Eventually, I’ll get this, but I think there’s a more fun way to figure out how to play this game than the tutorial without the ability to contextually take each frame and understand wtf you’re supposed to do.

Have you tried to lower the screen resolution, maybe 1600 x 900?

How to set custom screen resolutions on Microsoft Surface

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