UI Overlay - Decouple UI from Screen Resolution

I’ve been running on a lower resolution lately to allow me to keep some of the higher graphic settings turned on while keeping my frame rate up. 1280 x 720 from 1920 x 1080.

However, as you can see, changing the screen resolution also removes a lot of screen real estate and makes the game feel a bit more claustrophobic.

Therefore, I suggest a separate selection for ui resolution, giving us a ui overlay which should improve performance.

Alternatively, give us a finer degree of control over UI placement and sizing so we can avoid wasted space. I do understand this would require some degree of testing, as trying to make text legible at lower resolutions may be more difficult.

However this challenge is tackled, I do believe we will see a marked improvement of performance and / or quality of life, depending on the individual player’s situation.


Another potential option here (which I’ve heard other people suggest in this forum in the past) is to move the UI out of the game window, much in the way that a program like photoshop handles tool pallets. These UI elements would be scalable based on the user’s preferences.


Honestly, that feature would be awesome.

I usually run EVE in potato mode because sometimes I play in laptop mode and don’t want fancy graphics but low consumption.

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I imagine everyone running a massive fleet fight would also appreciate it. There’s really no reason why ui size needs to be tied to screen resolution in 2022. We have the technology, we can make it happen.

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