High Flyers Industrial recruiting now


(zieg miner) #1

If you’re looking for a mature Corporation with chill people to play with then HIFIN Is for you. HIFIN rents space in Rate My Ticks alliance which has secure rental space under the protective umbrella of PL/NC. We can offer you an active EU/US time zone with High true sec space to make some serious ISK from both ratting and mining. We are casual players who understand that Real Life comes first as such there is no set time commitment required.

What we want

Full API KEY (Non-negotiable)

Working Microphone

Mature Attitude

Contact Zieg zion with mail if your Interested

(Mantra Jones) #2

Hi, i am in the same alliance as you, in Tenal Area. My internet Connection is Very bad lately and i cant do many things in my own space, then i go to stop renting a system myself. Interested in joining a WERMT Corp, i am miner mostly, and already sold my other characters for the internet problems.

What region are u located ?