High market broker fee warning dialog

I recently managed to accidentally bankrupt my market toon by placing a sell order for a stack of items for 94M/unit instead of 94K/unit. To protect fools like me from themselves, how about a warning dialog box when market fees exceed a user configured threshold? Just like when using Ansiblex jump gates.

There is generally a warning saying soemthing like you are selling X and Y +/- the average price. You either clicked ok or you have turned the warning off. I think it is under reset settings when you press esc

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There is generally a warning saying soemthing like you are selling X and Y +/- the average price.

In nul sec, the average price for an item is often a few isk because not many of the items are sold. I am suggesting a warning dialog when fees exceed my acceptable limit.

Also, the warning you refer to is for buying overpriced goods, not selling them.

Meh. If they were to implement something like that, they should have the warning dialogue work similarly to the buy warning (i.e. based upon unit price and not broker’s fee).

Also, welcome to the club. I’ve only made this mistake a few times over the years, but the last time cost me like 400 mil.

I concur with What bibble is saying. i too was almost bankrupted by a broker ,
Selling a product for 450 isk each unit then i change my mind … thought i had back spaced the 450 out to change to 500 … but listing went in @ 450500 a loss of over 1.7 billion in broker fees… if i did not have that in my wallet the transaction would not have gone through.

When i do Research and Manu at a lab a highlighted warning sign comes up that makes you pay attention . Or if your are to fire on a on something you shouldnt ( hi sec ) a warning comes up . The broker warning is very weak and needs improving.

As if based in real life , people make mistakes, if you don`t pay attention you can lose every thing in a keystroke
Suggestion to get around this huge loss factor from brokers is have a broker limit lock or account security limit within the wallet… Like i would if i was to have a regular bank account . in RL

But for now im going to have to use the corp wallet rather than my person wallet for trades ,( keep the corp wallet to around 100 mill ) would be safer then losing 1.7 bill …lol
Most Toons , in game do not have that option. It could get real messy with the bigger corp wallet s

Additional warning/handholding wont help against lack of attention and/or rushing things when you trade. You pay for your mistakes… in this case - literally.

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