High sec combat sites and Isk

Is there a big difference in the ISK you make at combat siteis in 1.0 and 0.5 security?


Small, but not a lot. The difficulty of sites differ so you will get more isk with harder sites.


Eveuni has some good information on sites. You can google as you go too…


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mostly depend on the type of combat site but in the end the number one factor is luck and only luck

I did an anomaly ones that took me 5 minutes to finish and dropped a loot of 200 million. Extremely rare but it happens.

But overall a 50 mil per hour high sec combat sites on relative inexpensive cruiser is quite viable and most importantly fun.

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Not really. Biggest difference is drop RNG and escalations. Escalations will take you into LS, if you are not willing to go after them then you will forever be stuck at the low end no matter what. There are just not enough 4/10s and 5/10s spawning. You may get a lucky streak for a day or two where you get a lot, then it will be followed by unlucky 3 weeks or so where you get almost none.

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The trick is to go where other players don’t, meaning look for systems that are located off the beaten track that have low to no activity, such as dead-end systems far from Market / Mission hubs.

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