High Sec Industrialists and Miners needed for fast growing corp, Newbros welcome

Hi there :slight_smile:

I am thinking about returning and your corp sounds like a good fit as real life has to come first and I’m looking for a relaxed, industrial focused corp. I am, however, not sure if my pvp itch will be held completely in check, so I have two questions:

  1. What are your relations towards CVA?
  2. What nullsec area do you have access to?



I’m not really sure about our alliances relationship to CVA. I haven’t heard them mentioned, and from the little I do know they’re not so active anymore. We are with The Rogue Consortium and there’s always some roams happening. Alternatively we have a dodgy sister corp that is setting up small gang fleets, they live in a wormhole, and up until recently the main incoming was bashing stations in high sec. It’s much more chilled than the big alliance thing. But if you want full scale battles, then TRC is a good option for you.

There are a handful of systems up in Provi that is controlled by our alliance, and I know they are currently pushing for another system. So there may be some opportunities for you there as well.

My focus is 90% industrial, still finishing up our high sec operations. We do have guys establishing some indy over in null. But I want to keep the relaxed vibe that only moon mining in an Orca in High Sec can provide :slight_smile:

Hey Spartalicious,

Interested in joining up with your group. I’m a returning player and not fully versed in the game yet… I made it to a procurer ship so far though from the last time I played… ign is Alexis Thelien

Thank you for your reply.
That you can cater to all my needs is great :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for my new PC to arrive, and when it does I will fire up Eve again and apply if it’s still applicable.

You are KOS to CVA btw \o/ https://kos.cva-eve.org/?q=The+Rogue+University :smiley:


Well, I’ll just avoid their space for now then :slight_smile:

Hi, Long time eve player looking for something different, I’ve refreshed my own recruitment thread. How close do you guys come to this?

Also where are you based?

It sounds like a good fit. We are primarily HS based, we use a holding company so our main corp can’t get involved in a war dec. Basically miners can’t be targeted without concord coming. We’ve got about 2.5b or 3b of BPO’s available for corpies, own manufacturing, about 13 moons owned with pulls and fleets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’re situated 7 jumps from Amarr trade hub in a 0.5 system.

If you do want benefits of null we have allied with TRC, and will be arranging some expeidtions out there, but our focus is really just eating rocks and building stuff in high sec. We also join a public incursion fleet, and we are hosting our own Vanguard fleets. Armor doctrine, entry level ships for this doctrine are under 400m with an expected 60m to 100m isk per hour earning.

We only have one rule. Don’t be a dick. that rule can be broken but only when its funny to do so.

Sounds good? Ofcourse it does. You may as well just apply now, get some barges down here and come mine. We’ve got a moon popping this evening.

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I am currently basing myself in Kor-Azor Prime which i guess is close to where you are.

Do you have access to POCOs ( I assume if you do that would be with your TRC allies?), or ideally have your own or an arrangement with the local poco owner in high sec (if you are not that already).

I’ve just left a WH corp so need to sort out stuff today, I think (if it is OK with you) before joining I just come on some ops with you, My emplyment history is full of corp hopping lately and I want to stop doing that.

this is my Alpha clone btw, my main is another character ingame

Yes, we have POCOS available in null through allies, we own 4 planets in a neighbouring system as well. But the income in HS PI is just not worth the effort so we never really expanded that much.

We restrict our PvE fleets to corp members, so the corp can get taxes from it. It’s only a 5% tax rate, but it really helps the expansion of the corp. If you mean moon mining, then sure you can come join a fleet. Message me in game though, I’m not going to publish moon details here.

Sounds fair, let me get sorted and ill contact you in game on my main.

@Spartalicious_DeVine I was in system around 19.00 eve time, must have missed you, ended up chatting online to some friends s odidntbecome available again till about 11pm UK time, you about tomorrow. (Sunday)

Sorry we missed each other. We had a 6 hour mining fleet on Sunday, I didn’t see you pop by. Unless you used a different name, in which case sorry I forgot!

We are still open for business, and growing very quickly. Our Vanguard fleets will be running tonight now that the HS focus is back up as well. So it should be fun.

I’m getting back into the game after quite a few years out and I’m looking for a corp to mine with.
I’m quite casual and can only do a few hours a day (GMT+1).
Let me know if that’s alright and if there is anything else you want to know :+1:

That sounds fine to me. We’re not expecting people to spend 20 hours a day. Although most likely you will get addicted and increase your play time, but that is purely optional :slight_smile:

Good morning folks. We are still recruiting, just hit the 250 mark!

The moon ore changes are going to be interesting for sure, the shortage phase sucks but we are staying positive that with proper planning and investments we will crush it when they start to fix them.

Vanguard fleets are up and running, getting more pilots so Assaults will be added soon.

Looking to join this corp!

I’m really interested as a returning player (omega status). Playing quite a lot.
Let me know if there’s any additional requirements. :slight_smile:

Nope. We keep things relaxed here.

I’m a strong believer in “work smarter, not harder” :slight_smile:

Still Recruiting :slight_smile:


New guy here. Looking to join your corp. :slight_smile:

How can i do that?