[High-Sec, Low-Sec, WH, Null] Order of the White Lotus - Recruiting

Order of the White Lotus is dedicated to discovery and development. I’m going for a new player friendly environment, but would also like to engage veteran players as well with Low-Sec, WH, and Null-Sec Roams. I personally run Relic and Data sites in High, Low, and Null sec space. We are currently Located in The Forge, right on the edge of Low and Null Sec Space.

Our most immediate goal however, is self sufficiency; as such, I am looking to recruit any Indy pilots with PI and Mining skills for our production of Starbase fuel and T1 Ship Hulls. We’ll be getting into T2 and T3 ship hulls and modules at a later date. Take note: Free ships for Corporate Deployments/New Players. These include but are not limited to T1 Frigates, and Destroyers.

I also need combat pilots knowledgeable of Counter-Gank strategy, who can run escort for my mining fleet operations.

My ultimate goal is to get this corporation into WH’s and Null-Sec space; but my most immediate goal is to get a Moon Mining Operation up and running in .5 Space so we have something to fall back on should it all go south.

I am in need of skilled and driven pilots to help me build the envisioned future for New Eden; all skill levels are welcome, but those that know what they’re doing would definitely be a welcome addition.

Any Questions or comments? Either post them here or come find me in New Eden.

Valen Artwik - Captain Commander; Order of the White Lotus

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