High Sec Manufacturing Corp

We are a Small Corp that is now able to open our doors to New Members and are EXPANDING the MANUFACTURING Side of the Corp

We are looking for New and Experieced pilots…

WE have spent a lot of time setting up our infrastructure, NOW we are Recruiting

We are Based in the Lonetrek Region
We Can Offer…
Moon Mining…………
Building, Research and Invention
Access to Multiple BPO.s


  • Miner’s… Ventures to Orca,s
  • Industrialist’s, New or Experienced
  • Mission Runner’s, lvl 1. 2, 3 and suport for Lvl4 missions
  • Trader’s, Buy and Sell

Ample Moon Mining with IN HOUSE Refining

MAX Boost from Orca,s are available

Industrial Building Stations Rigged for building……
Blueprint Copying, ME/TE Research

Fleet up with one of our LVL4 mission runners to BOOST your Standings, Even if your in an Ibis, we can BOOST you up !

NO TS or DISCORD needed………….

Convo me Or Drop me a Mail ingame for More Details Or join P&B Pub

14 Day Account Minimum Requirement

Skull Echerie

Bump Bump

Friendly Bump

Friendly Bump

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