High sec opportunities for returning players and advanced players

EG-F is the ideal corp for you if…

  • you like high sec
  • you tend to mine, build and work with PI
  • you are an advanced miner or builder, or a returning player with some SP’s
  • you want access to proper facilities and infrastructure
  • you want moon ore in high sec
  • you want team mates who are active and online
  • you need an atmosphere of mutual help and advice
  • you need room to create your own gameplay

We are…

  • mainly EU timezone, with some members in the US
  • a profit-sharing corp
  • an organisation with a fully fledged and easy to use buy-back scheme
  • a stable and growing core of friends who have played together for several years
  • a corp with a good network among players and corps distributed all over EVE
  • relaxed, fun, and quite active
  • free of politics, but not of war decs
  • open, patient and non-demanding

Pilots with a low number of skill points are welcome, but it will take some time for you to fully benefit from our facilities.

Join us in the chat channel EGF-Public to learn more.

The fact these guys are comfortable and open with their war status, and list it on their initial advert is a really good sign. Take that from someone who lives on the aggressive side of the coin, the vast majority of hi-sec indutrial corps hide this from their new players until they’ve already joined.

+1 guys you won’t be getting one from me.

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Regular corp ops and good fun on TS

Join our ingame public channel EG-F Public and have a chat with us

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