Highlight post at current scroll position

Since you removed post numbers in your infinite wisdom, it’s quite annoying to copy a URL to post it somewhere else. Scrolling does not necessarily reflect which post is automatically added to the URL, and the Share function is hidden behind additional clicks on a tiny button.

Therefore, I would find it helpful if the currently scrolled at post would be slightly brighter so that you know at a glance which post is added to the URL.

hey @Rivr_Luzade

i am sorry i can link direct to a anser in a thread

on the right side you can see the number of the post
and in the adressbar you can see a number at the end counting up when scroling down
it takes a bit but it works for me


The scrollbar shows a number but which post is that when you have 6 posts visible to you? Same goes for the post number in the URL address bar.


just scroll down … when you can read the post the number is right
if there are many 1 line posts … its the top post you see on your screen … at least for me


Good for you. Currently, I am scrolled down and the side counter shows 4/4, which is your post, but the post at the top of the screen is my post.
And after I posted this post, the counter jumped to 3/5 without me actively scrolling, which was my post before your last one. In other words, the counter doesn’t know what it’s doing either.
And after the edit of this post, it jumped down to 5/5, which it should probably have right away when I posted this one the first time.

In other words: a better highlighting of which post is currently focused is necessary.

hey … what prowser and OS you use?
i never had such a behavior …



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