Highlight username in chat

When someone mentions you in chat it is the same colour as all the other usernames, not very helpful in a sea of mentions

If they drag your name to the box, instead of typing it, it is highlighted.

I believe the OP wants your username to be a different color than other usernames when dragged to the chat box. So for example Dark Lord Trump to me might appear green, while Ratwerke Actual would appear yellow like everyone else.

This is already implemented. Click on the cog wheel in any chat window.

Select “Set Word Filters” and enter your name or anything else you want to be highlighted into the lower part of the window that opens. Separated by Comma.


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Thanks. But would be nice if this was natively implemented

if by natively implemented you mean your name was set that way by default then no.

If you want it turn it on. don’t make everyone else turn it off.

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But I’ve got to do this for every character I own. Seems pointless when it can just be added to the existing highlighted words.

And I would need to remove it for every character I own.

Not if it’s a client setting. That gets carried across all your characters

There aren’t any client settings I know of that go across every character. Just account wide ones.

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