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hi im alex Strickland and I have diabetes and from this I have diabetic retinopathy and cataracts so from this I am partly sited I struggle with that game a bit but what I do find a big struggle with is local identifying the colures in the local chat the box is too small for me and im just wondering if we can have something where the whole name is highlighted like the overview does like the overview does with background coloring, this will help my personnel game play and help other with my sort of condition or have the colures change to help colured blind people


If you open the ESC menu, you will find options for UI scaling, text font size, and color blindness settings (emphasize some colors more than others).

i mean like in ‘overview settings’ you have the option to add ‘background coloring’ on states. I do not see an option to add this to say ‘Local’ where someone like myself finds it diffcult to identify people in local based on my standings for example - if we could have the option to add the same feature in overview settings to be able to add this to people names in chat

can you explain where this feature is to add background coloring to names of people in local chat - as i cannot see where this option is you speak of

In the ESC-Menue look under General Settings, bottom right:

I have not tested this feature myself, so I can’t say what it’s effects are exactly.

But you can also change some settings on with the little cog-wheel in the top left of the chat that might be helpful to you.

yer the feature that I wish to implement is that the names of the local to have the background colouring im not sure if I explained this propel

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/513469014173941775/735532210937135104/Unbenannt.png like this with the names

+1 to this

Give the whole name a background colour

I lobbied for compact list in the past and CCP delivered, this is not a big ask as this feature is available on fleet broadcast window

@z0ra_Berg Alex is dyslectic, this was prior to his diabetes.

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