UI alterations


Can you set up a new button next to pin, or set up a 3 click function on pin that removes the border and background aspects from chat windows. In addition, It would also be nice if you can set these things to display on hover over. Lastly, the settings for this should be set in the widget in the chat windows itself.


It would be nice if there was an option to set up the local character display like that which a route has, namely, boxes next to boxes in a similar layout scheme as the destination course (displaying characters as boxes with their standings on top of the pictures in an identical format of boxes ).

This format should remove chat, enabling the entire local player list to be another box (potentially movable) on top of the left side of the screen as a child in the hierarchy of the stuff on top left (with search, system info, missions, and so on).

So, you want to be able to pull the local list out of the chat box and put it into the system/route/etc bar as tiny boxes colored by standings?

And fully transparent chat boxes, with variable transparency on mouseover?

First seem like a “give me easier intel” which is a no go to me.

Second is a lot of work for a feature that adds next to nothing for most players.

I don’t know what CCP’s current stance is on making Local a better intel tool, but I haven’t seen any indication that it’s changed. That stance being “nope”, summarized broadly. Things like this have been requested on and off for years, even in Fanfest Q&As, and CCP has always pushed back saying that they’re not really happy with Local’s role as an intel tool and definitely don’t want to improve it.

As for the first part, I’m not sure I really understand the request. Pinning a window effectively removes the hard border, but I don’t understand why you’d want the background removed except in the context of “Make Local a better intel tool” since that would make it more difficult to actually read anything associated with a chat channel.

The boxes seem to have a png attached behind it that acts as a sort of “texture” to the background, not granting it full transparency. Essentially i want to remove all of that, except on “hover over”. See the picture (above) to see the difference between now and what im asking for.

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