Highlighting different stations?

Is there a way to highlight different stations in different systems so you can warp to them at a glance? For instance, Station A in System A is highlighted a color, while Station B in System B is highlighted a certain color also? This way I do not have to keep opening my Assets page to warp to the required station. Second example: essentially the way your home station is highlighted in such a way that you can quickly warp to it without bringing up other menus? Or similar to the way certain outlaw status pilots are highlighted for quick information?

I hope this was clear.

And if there is not a way, there should be…

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You could use bookmarks to do that.

Bookmark the station (or even better, make yourself some instant-docking bookmarks)
→ Press L to bring up the bookmark window, and then press the button for the local bookmarks.

Then you can warp to these bookmarks instead of the stations.


this ^

What’s more you can radial click this menu to directly warp to it.

I personally keep my BM in named folder (like IN for insta docks, etc) and also start each BM name with that, this way in my “system locations” I know exactly what is each BM.

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Thank you, all!

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