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Highrise Central

We are aiming to expand into several major fields. We are looking for people interested in:

Combat: All forms of warfare are to be employed, be it to clear sites, defend mining operations, roam around looking for fights, or generally improve and learn player skills.

Mining: We are looking for those interested in Nul - WS mining operations, both for direct sale and to supply our manufacturing lines.

Refining, Manufacturing and Research: A major doctrine of Highrise is to build most of what we need for ourselves, and import less. What we build will be easy to access for our members on the spot, in defiance of regional shortage. Those interested in constructive profit are needed.

Exploration: A major income and content source in Highrise is exploration in WS and Nulsec. Players interested in learning, teaching, leading and participating in organized exploration efforts, as well as individual exploration efforts are welcome.

Hauling: Players with skills and interest to fly transport ships will find profit here.

None are limited to a single job or function in Highrise. Those interested but new to any job will be trained. Just ask.

Members of Highrise will have access to all new Highrise perks: easy-to-access supply lines, access to backup should you find yourself in trouble, on-spot facilities to aid in your activities.

Rise High and Win

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