Highsec Kernite mining sites for rent 72m/day + storage + Buyback

Mine Kernite at your own Mining locations, in the safety of Highsec.

72700 Kernite per day
(or 25600 Mexallon + 51360 Isogen)

  • all fields are in the same Systemm.
  • only you will know where the ore is located.
  • avaiable in all empire regions
  • fields renew once per day.
  • Starbase (POS) for easy dropoff and ship parking provided.
  • Local Buyback service provided (if you want ISK)
  • Local Reprocessing provided (if Minerals needed)
  • eula/tos is respected (confirmed by CCP Support on Jan 12)

contact Bia Atavuli ingame or reply here


I wish to confirm, that the sites provided are accessible by mining barges.

I know some of the more unusual places you find ores have restrictive gates.

the sites can be acessed by any ship, even an orca (but it’s a bit pointless as each site only holds 6k m3)

the fastest way to farm them is to use 2 barges/exumers and 1 Venture, the exumers run half cycle and switch over to another rock once while the venture takes the 2 smallest ones. this way, one site can be completed in just 4 minutes.

the POS provides a place to fleetwarp to and drop everything eliminating the need for docking and later ore can be picked up easy.