Highsec Pve Corp RECRUITING

✠ Providence Region Nullsec
✠ Amarr Highsec area
✠ English Speaking Corp
✠ Active members
✠ Discord/Ts3/SEAT
✠ Ratting/Mining
✠ Hourly corp/coalition fleets & many daily alliance fleets.
✠ Easy Logistics
✠ Quick ISK with an ORE & loot buyback programs.
✠ Seed our own market with us
✠ Corp Tax 5%
✠ new bro Friendly
✠ Pvp / Industry mining building / Jump Freighter Service

Bennett’S BAD Bois <— Public channel

Discord INFO - https://discord.gg/KpVT4b6

bump. :)"

Hey, where are you based?

we are based in Tash-Murkon next to the providence nullsec region

still recruiting

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