Hijacked Transport Reenactment Drone

Any Idea what this is? One warped in just as I killed the Prophecy Reenactment drone (boss). It was blue to me so I was afraid to grab it and kill it for fear of concord, then it left after maybe 20 seconds. Anyone seen this? Can we kill it in HS without being concorded. Do reinforcements come in if its attacked? Figure maybe it drops some transport ship skins or more…

I can’t find anything on them. Where did you see them at exactly?

I believe it was Wirdalen or Nein.
I couldn’t find anything on my google search either.
Kinda wish I grabbed it now, doubt I’ll see another, I’ve done so many sites.

I found the prophecy drone on zkill. Guess these are limited to the liberation event it seems

Thanks, but I’m looking for the “Hijacked Transport Reenactment Drone” that warped in after I killed the prophecy drone.

I guess you’re one of those folks that don’t keep local chat open.

The “Hijacked Transport Reenactment Drone” is literally what it says on the name.

It’s a reenactment drone. Of the transports hijacked by the fleeing minmatar slaves that you (the noble minmatar rebel) have helped free by barging into the complex guns blazing and by shooting the evil amarr slavers.

Although the chaos inside the prison slowed the scrambling of defensive ships, the Imperial forces were able to undock their deadly Prophecy-class warship to face the attacking Thukker vessels.

As the Thukker strike team cleared the field of Imperial forces, the escaping prisoners undocked with hijacked Amarr transport ships and took the opportunity to warp to safety before Imperial reinforcements could arrive. The Mahti jailbreak is widely cited as one of the most notable operations of the Great Rebellion, as numerous freed prisoners went on to serve with distinction in the late rebellion and the early Republic era. The list of rebels freed in this raid includes early parliamentary leaders Okell Waturger and Anniber Darine, as well as future Admiral Stelrakur Allsvert (grandfather of the modern head of the Republic Security Services).

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Wow, OK thanks for that, and yes I often am not paying attention to local.

Local holds a lot of info from NPC interactions - missions frequently have blurbs in local, for example, that call out the next wave of NPCs. It’s worth keeping an eye on it when you are doing an event to see if there is anything being said by the game (inbound enemies, guidance on next action to take, etc).

Yea I’m pretty lazy on local much like I’m often lazy on d-scan to my detriment.

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