Hire mercenaries for militia activities on Gallante VS Caldari!

Nisuwa Cartel
Local leading contract fleetpower provider

To maximize the firepower of your warzone, you need a reliable partner whose excellent support is available wherever you need it

Offering the best mix of Logistics, collaborative DPS and Logistics labor to drive warzone efficiencies

With increasing demand for fast adaptation to warzone conditions and friends needs, combined with manpower shortages, we are focused more than ever on bringing fleet innovations and key command to drive efficiencies in a wider number of operations.

About Nisuwa Cartel’s Fleet

  1. Clean Operation
    We burn clean and kill fast. We’re reducing ‘a coward who insists on peace’ within our own and our sub-contractors’ fleet and targeting net-zero cowards

  2. Great Employer for All
    The diversity of our team mirrors the diversity of our customers and the communities we’re part of. We promote an inclusive environment – guided by mutual disrespect, flatulence, meanness, trust and cooperation.

  3. Data Based Command
    Data Based plays a crucial role in our strategy, which is why we are investing in initiatives designed to enhance fleet experience, and improve operational performance.

Our time zone is mainly from 11:00 to 20:00 EVE time.


  1. Custom Office Bashing or Defending (include hostile Structure)
  2. Clean Warzone on our timezone (AUTZ 11:00 to 20:00)
  3. Industry Structure Permission (Azbel, Tatara, Fortiza ETC…)
  4. Bait, Hunt, Gate Camp outsourcing
  5. All other possible PVP activities


  1. Seowon Jung / US TZ
  2. RI YURI / AU TZ
  3. ESIZ AL / AU TZ