Hire NPC/Diamond NPCs from factions you are in good standing with

What if there was a mechanic to allow us to hire ourselves a mini npc fleet for isk per hour?
Simple functions such as a hired npc logi ship, pvp wingman, industrial ship npc for transporting mined ore back to station etc.

It wouldn’t be as beneficial as having another account but it would still be something to grind rep for and add another level of depth to npc faction interactions.

If you have high standings with Pirate faction and you happen to mine in a system with their FOB - their response fleet will help you.

For example: you mine in a belt along with pirate miners (they will be blue to you) and someone warps in and attacks you - response fleet will arrive and aid you, including logi support.

Edit: the downside is that (afaik) normal belt rats dont follow these rules and will be red to you regardless and attack you. Killing them will lower standings toward pirate faction and, respectively, to diamond rats. CCP should really update basic AI for many types of NPCs…


No, make friends.

Also “pet PvP” sucks.


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What “depth” is there? They’ll just be nothing more than slightly bigger drones.

This is a terrible idea. The game should not encourage more laziness.

No npc pets.

Player driven game. Hire other players.


So you want more npc taking over functions from live players? No thanks, that’s already a problem.

…then again…if there was something like an 1-out-of-10 risk of hired npc turning on you and attacking / robbing who hired them…that I might support…

Why would you want this?
Not the general you … you you.

k thanks for the feedback

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