Hiring a Trading Advisor

Looking to hire a Trading Advisor…


  • Manage a growing trading portfolio (500b+)
  • Track long term growth using appropriate tools and systems
  • Keep up to date with current market trends, EVE politics, and other developments
  • Advise on various forms of trading


  • 10% of weekly profits, paid out weekly
  • If profits exceed 10b for a week, payout is increased to 15%
  • If profits exceed 25b for a week, payout is increased to 20%
  • If profits exceed 50b for a week, payout is increased to 25%

Bonus Compensation

  • Each quarter that results in profit exceeding 500b will award 6,000 PLEX and increase the next quarters compensation to 15%/20%/25%/30%
  • After a total profit of 1t Isk is made, a one time bonus of 250b Isk will be payed out
  • After a total profit of 10t Isk is made, a one time bonus of 5t Isk will be paid out
  • Every 25t Isk in profit will net an additional 10t Isk bonus

Additional Notes

  • You will not actually be placing buy/sell orders, only advising
  • If no profit is made trading, then there won’t be a weekly payout for that week

If interested in this position, please add Fatecraft on Discord (no #1234 is needed, just Fatecraft)

Some things to help applicants stand out:

  • Demonstrable trading history
  • Expert knowledge of EVE markets
  • Expert knowledge of EVE history and politics
  • A plan on how to manage a growing portfolio, including tools, systems, or methods

Must have things:

  • Located in North America
  • Minimum of conversational English
  • Discord with Mic/ability to get on voice comms
  • Availability to track trades/markets throughout the day

How do you like your coffee?


As someone well versed in trading, I don’t think your going to get a qualified applicant. At the peak of my trading I was profiting between 250-500b / month. I think the issue you will find is that anyone who is any good at trading (especially at that level) already has more ISK than they can invest and giving you tips will just be cutting into their market share. GL with the hunt, just beware of underqualified applicants.

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I agree with @Anya_Aylet. I think you will get better results if:

  1. You study about trading, there are a lot of good videos, especially those from Oz. Even a playlist “From zero to hero”.
  2. You try trading for a couple of weeks to get the feeling of it.
  3. Pay a trader an one off isk amount to teach you a few more tricks/tips (ask here for any applicants).

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