New Trading Alt, how do you balance extracting profits?

Hi all,

I’ve been playing Eve on and off for years (since 2008), but I’ve never really spent any considerable time in market trading. I have dabbled in the past but not seriously.

I decided to set up a trading alt and I set up in Dodixie/Botane.

This has been going quite well. I started with around 900mil-1bil around 3 weeks ago, and I have been steadily increasing that by approx 100mil a week. So my current assets (including buy/sell orders) sit at around 1.3bil.

My initial plan was to write off the money the trader had, and just see how it goes with no pressure, so I could make mistakes etc. I have been reinvesting everything I earn at the moment into buy orders.

Now I’m starting to see tangible returns, how would you recommend I go about paying out to my other characters for PVP etc. without killing my earning potential?

Would you say something like, transfer out 5-10% of the ISK per month?

How do you experienced traders handle this?

Thanks in advance!

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First thing, are you getting the most out of being a trader by having the lowest fees possible (meaning are your standings really great with the corp and faction of your trading location? That will save you money raising your standings up.

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This is a super subjective question, only you can answer. What do you want to do, what do you need for it, what does it cost?

Idk, maybe split it up equally. You’ll be able to keep growing your trading empire, and if you fly meta fit frigs, you’ll really be able to stretch that 50 mil a week. Now, Frig PvP is less forgiving of mistakes, and being in meta fits will make things even more challenging, but you can still have fun and learn a lot, and hopefully you’ll start seeing your win rates creep up.

Thanks for the comment. I have all of my buy orders in an ICY citadel in botane at 1% for within 1 jump, to cover dodixie. Then I list all of my sales in Dodixie hub directly. I’m not logged in atm, but my last transaction tax for a sale at 13mil was 364k. So that’s around 2.8%. If I remember right, the brokers fee is 3.3% and I can’t remember the listing fee. I’ll have to check when I log in.

Basically, trading is a means to an end. So I was thinking of taking out ISK as I made it. Although, having a bank of ISK doing nothing is useless, I suppose this would be better invested in buy orders, that I could cancel if I need to buy something.

I’m happy with PVP, it’s basically all I’ve done when playing eve!
I’m used to flying ISK efficient ships (my kb is 85% ISK positive).

So I’m using trading as a passive income source that can be used to fund shinier ships (and their deaths!)

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