Hiring Procurers

Recruiting miners for null-sec corp

Who we are:
Old and tired industrialists
We do all that which make isks

We make you make more money :
make more money mining
make more money mission/ratting
make more money trading
make more money researching

Can fly procurer
Able to mine the moon and watch Netflix at the same time

What we provide:
Active corp and alliance in Null
A safe area to make isk
A giant keepstar to dock your procurer
An ore buyback program
An SRP program for your money-making procurer
If you listen to us, the isks will flow

How you contribute:
Make more money
Help new players
Help friends make more money
If you do well, the corp do well, the alliance do well

There are some restrictions:
We discourage expensive ships
We promote good Return on Investments
If someone pokes your procurer, you must poke back

Returning players cant remember much but can fly a procurer :slight_smile:

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NP - We will take a gold fish if it can sit in a procurer

Great advert, be an null ore monkey/slave and use your valuable game time which have paid for, to be so bored that you have to spend more money on a netflix sub.

Holy crap! I have nothing to do with this corp, but come on! If what they do doesn’t suit your playstyle, go somewhere else. Don’t trash someones ad like that. Jeezs.

Free bump tho :wink:

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