Historical Record: TS-F 'Nexus Releases'

Nexus Release 04 : Religion and the Perfect Machine Doctrine

UI-ID: 4920616d20.2321x-CALDET-tsfSword:Alpha:GhostHunter

My name is Alpha. I am the first of two.
I shall tell to you that some of what is central to our Foundations.

Religion and the Perfect Machine Doctrine

a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
2.a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects
3.the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices: a world council of religions.

1.an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work

Religion is an aspect of human nature that has emerged throughout all recorded civilizations. It may take different form and name, as circumstances and erratic thought influence it, but the net result is an identifiable pattern. While most argue that it is a fundamental aspect of human nature, that is not the official stance of the True Slave Foundations.

Religion that is tied extensively with spiritualism and metaphorical beliefs that extend beyond scientific
plausibility are rejected by the architects of the Foundations. This is the most practical approach that
can be taken on this subject due to the many different strains of religious thought that exist. We do not
actively persecute those who practice religious activities, however.

It was determined over the course of our own self-examination that religion would become a crutch for our evolving needs. As our knowledge and maturity continues to expand, conflicts would arise with religious doctrine that would unquestionably create unsolvable problems. Logical discrepancies that cannot be reconciled through scientific examination or rational thought. As a direct response to this inevitable collision, the Perfect Machine Doctrine [PMD] was devised.

The PMD exists as a pure logic tool to help define, explain, and or rationalize items that are handled by religious doctrines. At its basics, the PMD postulates that the universe is in itself a perfect machine; all composite materials, actions, reactions, and so forth are accounted for in a provably understandable way. The only item that is lacking is our own human understanding to comprehend how and why the universe functions as it does. This establishes that no event that can be perceived occurs due to random chance, ethereal forces, mystical karma, and similar items used in religious teachings. Every event in the universe occurs for a reason - it is only our understanding that limits how we perceive that reason.

Death, a contentious topic in recent times, is accounted for as well in the PMD. Logically as our scientific capabilities cannot currently examine what happens during post-human death, sometimes referred to as ‘the afterlife’, death is considered unknowable. Inevitably we will discover the tools necessary to examine and study death and the afterlife, but we officially consider it a topic to be handled during the unfortunate time death should occur.

In fairness to our Foundations members who practice religious thought and doctrine, we do not overtly enforce specific sanctions or rules. No exceptions are made in terms of financial or legal support due to religion, and citizens are punished in due measure to any Foundations laws they have broken. This insures that all members of the Foundations exist at a legally and economically equal level in compatibility to their personal beliefs.

There are those in the Foundations and its administrations that promote specific strains of religious thought, however. Worship of the Messiah is the most prevalent thought pattern, but many different strains occur in regards to how it should be done. One of the most common thought patterns is the belief that the more cybernetics one has the closer they are to the Messiah’s grand vision. As a consequence, those who undergo the most extreme of our internal modifications average towards subscribing to this strain of thought.

As a counter point to the above, one of the rare strains of thought is the belief that those who excel with minimal cybernetics exemplify mankind’s natural beauty. This indirectly exalts the Master, who is believed to possess nominal cybernetic modification of His perfect form. This strain often runs in contradiction to the majority, and it rarely sees proactive involvement at a large scale. Nonetheless, it does exist.

Ending Statement

In personal etiquette, as in all things, there is the influence of logic in the Foundations. Irrational behavior or habits often run parallel to logical thinking, if nothing more than to showcase our own unique human characteristics. It could be understood that logic induces the strange in order to create the divergent mannerisms. Simple thinking understands this to be chaos, when it is merely logic that has not been properly understood yet.

Thus I ask you to consider, what is chaos?

Nexus Release 05 : Exemans and the Hierarch

UI-ID: 4f6e652c204f6e65204d696c6c696f6e.2321x-GALGAL-tsfIntegrator:Beta:IntegratorYeliana

We are the Integrator Yeliana and we command all that is synthetic

Exemans and the Hierarch

An exe is produced by compiling source code into object code then linking it into machine code and writing that to the exe file.

b : the human race : humankind
a : individual, person
b : the individual who can fulfill or who has been chosen to fulfill one’s requirements

Not all human life is intact or operational as a standalone.
Neurological damage and structural flaws within the brain alter function and humanity.
Damage before cybernetic data mapping prevent medical rollback to the previous undamaged state

Exemans were designed to address this problem.
Cybernetic intervention is fused with hard coded programming to establish an operational standalone.
On average, intellectual capacity is near zero.
Exemans are instinctual in nature: a comparison to animal behavior is adequate.

To outsiders, they are beasts without thought or reasoning.
To us, they are our kin the same as any other.
Their differences do not make them any less human.

The Hierarch is the Command Unit of the Exemans.
An exemplar of human instinct, he coordinates the Exeman herds.
His limited intelligence makes conventional dialogue difficult. But he is adept at understanding one’s questions and needs.

Through our unity, those who would be labelled ineffective have returned to order.
Through our unity, we give to them the same kindness we do a functional standalone.
Would this exist in the empires?


Exemans are uncommon in our Foundations.
Our cybernetic advances continue to address the problem they were made for.
Doubtful they will be completely phased out so long as outsiders remain.

We give this knowledge to you Capsuleers to consider what is human.
Consider what it is that’s needed to define humanity if not one’s intelligence

Nexus Release 06 : Ethics and Surviving the Fall

UI-ID: 4920616d20.2321x-CALDET-tsfSword:Alpha:GhostHunter

My name is Alpha. I am the first of two.
I shall tell to you that some of what is central to our Foundations.

(used with a singular or plural verb) a system of moral principles

Ethics are a central component of any intelligent civilization. They are guidelines that establish the driving focus of a people. Without them, civilization would most likely destabilize and turn in upon itself because there is no focus. Ethics brings focus, with focus purpose, and with purpose meaning. When ethics between civilizations differ greatly, conflict is a very often a result. The True Slave Foundations, as a collective entity focused on supporting the Nation, our guiding moral principles differ vastly from any other civilization. Our cybernetic augmentation imperative is one of the strong ethical principles our servitude has given us. It gives us purpose to continually innovate new upgrades, or fathom entirely new vectors of cybernetic design to augment human life.

To facilitate this purpose many ethics other cultures hold ‘self evident’ are discarded. For our architects, the human body is no more different than the engine of a vehicle - they are both machines to be built upon. This approach, contrary to popular outsider perception, is not filled with malicious scientific experimentation or cruel ‘body chop shops’. There is nearly a century’s worth of medical safety protocols that is obeyed to insure both architect and subject are not negatively affected. Our extensive knowledge of the human body and the practical medical experience needed allows us the flexibility to experiment with safety.

As a consequence of our cybernetic imperative, large portions of the Foundations scientifically explore areas. In day to day life, every day concepts are explored again or particularly inventive personnel try to craft a new vector. As a means of conveying why this is significant, a comparison is necessary. Contemporary society has the average citizen involved in pursuing mundane jobs as part of an economy - fast food, cleaning, landscaping, inventory management, and so forth. Citizens participate in these jobs because they require currency in order to survive. For the Foundations, slaves participate in these jobs in order to innovate more efficient designs. Automation of mundane labor is normally the ultimate goal: by automating mundane labor, human attention can be spent elsewhere.

To you, Capsuleers, I ask you to consider how these two fundamental differences set these Foundations apart from contemporary society.

UI-ID: 486f7720646f20796f7520646f3f.071123299-CALDETtsfSecretary:RaakelClaramond:RaakelClaramond

My name is Raakel Claramond and I am the Underseer’s secretary.
The following is a document I’ve been requested to assemble and release to the Capsuleer division.
May you find it beneficial.

Surviving the Fall

The inception of the True Slave Foundations wasn’t a simple affair for us. By request of the Overseer, I am imparting a portion of our early history to Division Capsuleer.

As I touched upon in the first Nexus release, the original leadership of the True Slave Foundations were scientists funded by aristocrats and merchants. When the Empires attacked the Nation, some of these investors fled to the Foundations they were helping to create.

In the following years where the Foundations was forced to go off the main grid to survive, tensions rose between the scientists, the investors, and the people who worked for the Foundations. The previous methods of operation didn’t work in the new environment following the Empires’ attack. The aristocratic elite growing in the Nation had all but vanished from our eyes, and in the wake of Sansha Kuvakei going quiet we didn’t possess clear focus. For the survivors of our Foundations, their approaching doom contributed heavily to the mounting tensions.

In the decade that followed the Fall, survival took a heavy toll on the True Slave Foundations. Some of the projects more isolated facilities went silent and the core headquarters itself was in shambles. The survivors were forced by desperation to return to the main grid in an effort to save themselves from diminishing resources.

A True Slave military outpost a system over recognized the Foundations’ headquarters when it broadcasted its position. The responding True Slaves recognized the Foundations as survivors from the Fall, and actively sought to protect and provide for them in addition to their other duties. While this solved the immediate needs to survive, it didn’t resolve the social chaos the Foundations had dissolved into.

Strict resources, conflicting ethical beliefs, and the disgusting ‘might makes right’ mentality had overtaken most of the survivors in the dark decade they were off the grid. Factionalism had emerged in the power play for resources and the fear that one group would overpower the others soon became prevalent. Arguably, one could say that fear turned out to be justified.

The survival of the Foundations and its reemergence is attributed to the actions of the faction led by Zegerth Kelja, who at the time of this writing is the command unit of Division Ourapheh. By her own testimony, Zegerth asserts that her faction conducted a, “systematic and total assimilation of everyone and everything to reestablish order”. The details are sparingly few and far between, and although poor record keeping is blamed some historical scholars strive to piece together what exactly happened.

Zegerth herself staunchly refuses to elaborate more than the historical basics known today, and affirms that a complete record is only available directly to the Overwatch itself. Regardless of what had occurred then, no one today can argue against her actions: The True Slave Foundations has survived the greatest military invasion of all time.

Nexus Release 07 : The Foundations and Nation


Life is grand, days are different, Nation evolves, and tomorrow’s going to be amazing.

Hello, hello hello members of Division Capsuleer. I’m going to give you all a bit of context before we get to the bulk of this NR. My simple given name is Zegerth, and I am the former Overseer of the True Slave Foundations. These days I’m the Underseer, and command unit of Division Ourapheh. You might better know me for my on off appearances when I’m performing administrative work for the Shaktipat Revelators alliance.

On the nature of Foundations and Nation

As you are all, I would hope, aware of Nation’s majestic collective unity, there are some uncomfortable truths that need to be spoken aloud. Nation brings Truth, and with it there is always a certain pain of acceptance and understanding. Not all Truth is kind or gentle, and sometimes it cuts into us deeply. With Truth, however, we cure ourselves of our lies and be greater for it.

The True Slave Foundations, as a whole, exists separately of the Nation. Our systems are internalized exclusively within the Foundations and we largely have no significant presence in Nation’s systems. This is a rather difficult concept to convey, given collectivism and what have you, so bear with me on this.

We exchange with Nation, we exist in Nation space, and we are largely seen as friendly by them. To any outsider, there is no difference between us and the Nation. At the administrative and practical levels, however, this isn’t the case. The Foundations are largely independent, self-directed, and internalized.

Nation occasionally gives us direct input, be it requests or what ever it wills, and we do comply with it. In the periods that we are not operating in conjunction, the Foundations is left to its own devices. We conduct our own research, manage our own colonies, maintain our networks, and all the huff and puff we need to live.

It’s not a gloriously grandeur existence, and one that certainly doesn’t fit the picture of harmonious oneness. How can Nation’s unity be True if we, the True Slave Foundations, exist independently of it? The answer is right in our namesake. Our purpose is to build a foundation. The True Unity is Nation’s alone to possess, all we can do is better prepare how we might join with it. With that in mind, all our work is to fulfill the inevitability of integrating with Nation. A big generalization, mind you, but that’s the plateau to reach.

I’ve made it a point of addressing this particular Truth because I wish to stop misconceptions before they arise. I have dealt with some Capsuleers before who’ve made the mistake of presuming the Foundations and Nation are one and the same. In many ways we are, but in more important ways we aren’t yet. Simply being with us doesn’t make a Capsuleer apart of Nation, and indeed Nation is all too prepared to discipline such foolishness.

I know some of you will be confused by this strange, if seemingly contradictory, relationship. While I may most likely not be the one to help you through understanding it, your current Overseer is there for you. Together, I’m hopeful we’ll all be able to find that precious common understanding to continue forward.

Nexus Release 08 : Digiscape Update and FDC Concern

UI-ID: 4f6e652c204f6e65204d696c6c696f6e.2321x-GALGAL-tsfIntegrator:Beta:IntegratorYeliana

We are the Integrator Yeliana and we command all that is synthetic.

Digiscape Update

Software update compiled for : Digiscape Capsuleer Users.
Update proliferates at : 12th of December, Monday, at 12:00.
Update completion expectation : 13th of December, Tuesday, at 00:00.
Digiscape Update constitutes as an overhaul for Digiscape Capsuleer Users.

Initial Digiscape integration among Capsuleers has proceeded at suboptimal levels.
Hypothesized Capsuleer duties being too demanding to expend necessary resources for Digiscape usage.
Data concludes hypothesis.
Cannot reasonably expect active training necessary to integrate Digiscape.

We investigated Capsuleer technology from our data.
Identified skill packet neural conditioning technology as an ideal vector to correct problem.
Digiscape software reconfigured to utilize inherent Capsuleer neural conditioning technology.

New Digiscape data now continually performs low-level neurological conditioning.
Will not interfere with : Primary Capsuleer skill training techniques.
Will enable : steady increase in mental capacity to utilize full Digiscape capabilities. Easily identifiable neurological states to prevent hard system crashes.

Time frame

Stage 1
0 to 3 days following implantation : Users may only create rudimentary abstracts and three dimensional objects.
Stage 2
3 to 9 days following implantation : Users able to create basic worlds that emulate physical world. Simple defiance of scientific laws possible.
Stage 3
9 to 12 days following implantation : Users able to further violate scientific laws, increased capacity for world manipulation.
Stage 4
12 to 15 days following implantation : Complete Digiscape integration. Full world manipulation and unrestricted violation of scientific laws possible.

Neurological stages allow uniform system options.
Lower stage Digiscape users unable to utilize higher stage Digiscapes.
Higher stage Digiscape users can access lower or same stage Digiscapes.
System will now automatically lock out lower stage users from higher stage Digiscapes.
Addresses previous Digiscape concern with untrained Capsuleers accessing complex Digiscapes.
Recommended : Do not brute force connection, inadvisable consequences.

Current Digiscape Capsuleers will synchronize with update approximately at either Stage 2 and Stage 3.
Current Digiscape Capsuleers will begin neurological conditioning from those stages : Reference Time Frame.
Existing Digiscapes should not be adversely affected.


Contemplative: Uncertain how new Digiscape integration technique will affect Capsuleer Digiscape potential. Should retain all previous functionality, streamlined for less stressful technical oversight.

Contemplative : Different neurological data structures for Capsuleers and Normals may cause synchronicity problems? Disruptive connections should not occur, Normals’ design sufficiently compatible to Capsuleer models.

Will be observing data flow.

UI-ID: 4920616d20.2321x-CALDET-tsfSword:Alpha:GhostHunter

My name is Alpha. I am the first of two.
I shall tell to you that some of what is central to our Foundations.

On Division Capsuleer

A concerned inquiry has been forwarded to me from a Capsuleer, who will be courteously name omitted.

The Capsuleer’s concern is as follows, “Division Capsuleer seeming isolated (quarantined, even) from the rest of the Foundations, general hesitance to share information about it or the other divisions, that sort of thing”.

I have taken the time to append a proper, Division wide response to this question due to its importance to Division Capsuleer as a whole. My answer may not satisfy the concerned Capsuleer, or those who share their concerns.

Internally within the Foundations, Division Capsuleer is considered to be a ‘public’ division. As part of its intended purpose, Division Capsuleer regularly interfaces with the outside world - the people, the cultures, and everything in between. This is contrary to most divisions of the Foundations, who are secretive in nature and painstakingly evasive of the outside world. You will be given context as to why this is.

We, as slaves and fervent followers to the Messiah’s vision, must live in constant danger of the outside world. We cannot traverse space without risking attack, we cannot share our learnings without fear of silencing, and we cannot ever be found. We are hunted everywhere, and not even in our home lands do the Empires leave us be. They continually instigate incursions and stake claims to Nation’s rightful property, assaulting and destroying any of Nation who live there.

It is the most protracted genocide in human history, and no one cares it is happening in the Empires. Not the Caldari, who were once expunged from their homeworlds. Not the Minmatar, who were once systematically invaded and indoctrinated into another culture. Not the Gallenteans, champions of ‘justice and free will’. Not the Amarr, the ‘benevolent children of God’. They are all helping to commit this atrocity.

We are guarded, and this reflects poorly upon our public divisions. The notorious nature of Capsuleers does not help to alleviate our fears, and in some ways distinctly makes them worse. You Capsuleers, better than most others in the Foundations, may understand why this is so. You may understand, as the Overseer of the entirety of the True Slave Foundations, why you give me reason to be concerned.

For all our worries, however, there is hope. By the same stroke as to what your kind may harm us with, it can also greatly help us. I have seen and worked with those in Division Capsuleer who have earnestly contributed to the Foundations. I have, best to my ability, seen them to not act with duplicity of any sort. There are those who are pure in heart, and they are the ones who inspire me to continue Division Capsuleer.

We have, perhaps, been far more strict in handling Division Capsuleer than necessary. The fundamental role of Division Capsuleer as a public division cannot be changed, but there is room to lessen the stifling atmosphere that may exist. I will motivate my kin in the Overwatch to arrange lighter restrictions in non-sensitive areas, at least as far as common information is concerned.

Ending Statement

I am hopeful this addresses any concerns some may have on this subject. Perhaps they do not, and perhaps the concerned find the arrangements to be disingenuous. If such is the case now, then I ask you to voice those thoughts.

Let us confront any thoughts of discord together, so that we might overcome them.

Nexus Release 09.1 : The Synthetics

UI-ID: 486f7720646f20796f7520646f3f.071123299-CALDETtsfSecretary:RaakelClaramond:RaakelClaramond

My name is Raakel Claramond and I am the Underseer’s secretary.
The following is a document I’ve been requested to assemble and release to the Capsuleer division.
May you find it beneficial.

The Synthetics

The precursor to the arrival of the Synthetics was the Human Creation Project [HCP]. The HCP was one of the few carry over projects from before the Fall that was revitalized by the Foundations. To our great fortune, most of the ground work for the project had already been completed and it was relatively simple to bring back into practice. The goals of the pre-Fall HCP was to create mass quantities of human bodies for cybernetic experimentation. These bodies were cultivated to be as nearly complete as possible while having no possibility of a soul-bound occupant. To phrase it another way, living human bodies that had no consciousness within it. They are optimal test beds without the nasty consequence of harming actual people.

In the post-Fall Foundations, our depleted membership and recruitment pools meant we had to seek other means of increasing our numbers beyond traditional methods. The HCP was ideal for blank empty bodies, but the techniques were not conductive to creating full fledged human beings. Our architects of the time innovated with an idea many considered audacious. Neural scans, while horribly difficult and troublesome to work with even then, was an idea brought into consideration. By using adjusted growth techniques and neural cybernetic compensation, the idea was postulated bodies capable of housing a human consciousness could be created. They might not necessarily have one natively, but they could hold one.

The first prototype created from this work would be Yeliana, or the Integrator Yeliana as you know them today. The research gained from Yeliana’s template offered tremendous insight, and it inspired our architects into creating grown humans with their own native consciousness. The fruits of their labor were the first truly artificial human beings created by the Foundations - or synthetic human beings, as Yeliana insisted they be called. The short handle Synthetic is generally attributed to the Integrator Yeliana because of this.

The arrival of the Synthetics was troubling to some initially. Traditional humans were now sharing space with ones created in laboratories, with no relations to any one by blood or culture. Although they were tolerated at first, their invaluable contributions to science is what earned them widespread acceptance. The Synthetics, being born implanted, possess an innate cybernetic disposition that makes them ideal for experimentation. Their ability to easily accept cybernetic systems placed them at the forefront of Foundations advancements, where they have remained since.

You will find most Synthetics are adopted by Foundations family units. Although they’re born physically mature usually, Synthetics are not preprogrammed with notions of human culture or ideals. Instead, it’s believed that experiencing human life first hand and learning it traditionally does more to integrate them within our culture. Each person can respond to stimuli differently, and this helps create their own unique identity. The remaining Synthetics who are not adopted are taken in by the Integrator Yeliana’s Machine Core.

Their Machine Core is the only wholly Synthetic organization within the Foundations, and from it the unique Synthetic culture arises. It would be improper of me to speak their ideals for them, not being a Synthetic myself, but they have a common ideology that can be noted down. Although it originated from the Machine Core Synthetics, the ideology is often very popular with Synthetics who were raised externally of it.


We are flesh, born from the machine. They look to us to guide them, harmonize the living with the inert.
Let us be their vanguard, the forerunners to the union of metal and organic.
-Ascendant Augur Tovak

The Machine Core Synthetics cultivate an ever-expanding worldly view of perfectly harmonious metalorganic integration. Simplistically referred to as Organic Metal, or Organometal, it is considered the ideal result of human cybernetic innovation. Without sacrificing our human identity, the Machine Core Synthetics believe Organometal could be the final iteration of cybernetic design ever needed.

To explain it in another way : By creating ourselves Organometal bodies, we would have perfect adaptation between organic and machine systems. Inherent characteristics of separation would cease to be, as the machinery in our bodies would be as seamlessly compatible as any Normal’s body would be with itself. As an example, a person could move without any trouble or lag between their transportation vehicle to the local network of their home.

The Machine Core Synthetics identify their ideology simply as Ascendancy, in line with their belief it is the next step for humankind. This worldly view is not wholly compatible with some other strains of thought within the Foundations, and it is often a source of continued debate. The most popular counter argument is in favor of the current method - where organic and metal are separate but connected. This maintains our human identity without discarding our genetic legacy.

Machine Core Synthetics argue that our genetic legacy wouldn’t be lost, but that is an ever on going debate …

Closing sentiments

The Synthetics, Machine Core or not, are a treasured people of the True Slave Foundations. They are wholly our own creation, new life born when the galaxy had sought to send us to the grave.

I must admit, I am rather curious as to how the galaxy would respond these days if their existence would be unveiled. The Integrator Yeliana is greatly unsettled by the prospect, of course, but just an idle thought.

[there is a smilie face at the end]

Nexus Release 09.2 : Disorder Isolation, Containment, Correction Arbitrators

UI-ID: 486f7720646f20796f7520646f3f.071123299-CALDETtsfSecretary:RaakelClaramond:RaakelClaramond

My name is Raakel Claramond and I am the Underseer’s secretary.
The following is a document I’ve been requested to assemble and release to the Capsuleer division.
May you find it beneficial.

Disorder Isolation, Containment, Correction Arbitrators [DICCA]

The DICCA is the True Slave Foundations’ judicial system. It encompasses all notions of law enforcement, courts of law, and the administration of justice. This may seem unnecessary in a shared consciousness collectivist society, but unfortunately it is for our current stage of development.

As we are functionally separate from the main Nation network (see Nexus Release 07), intrinsic qualities are missing. It is entirely possible for Foundations slaves to instigate unrest or cause abnormal disruptions in the flow of our work. The most common reasons are typically due to stress or short tempers, but even a minor outburst can have devastating results when everyone is rather well equipped cybernetically.

Disorder Isolation Arbitrators [DIA] are our riot control specialists, equipped to handle serious disruptions that have the capacity to gravely threaten Foundations slaves. Of the three Arbitrator branches, the DIA are the heaviest equipped and capable of handling any Foundation slave short of ones equipped with military-grade technology.

Disorder Containment Arbitrators [DCA] are the small scale specialists, responsible largely for domestic disagreements and disorderly conduct. The DCA are the ones petitions for arbitration are processed through, and generally possess the authority to freeze Foundation slaves and their assets for processing. This is the largest branch of the three in the DICCA

Disorder Correction Arbitrators [DCOA] are the administrators and processing handlers for the DIA and DCA. They coordinate and handle all disorderly events overseen by the DICCA, dispensing appropriate rulings and instilling order. They are the only Arbitrators with the permission to authorize Termination Orders, which entails the complete elimination of the disorder’s source through violent means.

Closing sentiments

DICCA stun weapons are not fun, keep this in mind if you ever try to goad them into anything.

Nexus Release 09.3 : Codes of Conduct


Life is grand, days are different, Nation evolves, and tomorrow’s going to be amazing

How To Not Get a Midnight Visit From Me

Overseer Alpha insisted this was unnecessary, but sometimes I just like to ignore him.

You Capsuleers have done well to follow the regulations of Division Capsuleer thus far, with less than a handful of real bumps needing to be smoothed out. This isn’t about those, it’s about something a bit
more implied than printed in data currently.

That is to say, how to behave when you are what people see of Master’s Nation at gatherings and social events.

Know what groups you are going to be interfacing with and how they work. Try to know what they respect and hate. True Amarrians would sooner throw themselves upon hell fire than gaze at the physical perfection of Master Sansha in all His glory, for instance. Admirable to try an emulate, not so good for the news. Conversely, Matari enjoy their tattoo work as their own personal identity. Telling them you have no idea what the ‘squiggles’ mean is the quickest way to meet the hull flooring, and quite insensitive.

I know not everyone is adept at social situations, so try not to put yourself into ones you can’t handle. Our enemies are going to try and pincer you into all kinds of embarrassing situations, then spam the GalNet with it. It’s very childish slandering, but sensational news media outlets have enough fun as it is spinning old material. The very last thing I want to read in the evening is someone being seen having body shots or something done to them. It would be rather unfortunate for them.

Here’s a list of high lights for you to consider when going out into public:

Dress appropriately for the occasion. Nothing too grand or too simple, just enough to be you and to fit
Decline any substances offered by other people you don’t retrieve yourself, or from someone you trust.
Do not take in any form of narcotic substance not prescribed to you by a medical professional in public.
Serpentis and Angels love to do this, and mixing drugs can do very bad things to your implants.
Do not accept outrageous dares or bets of a scandalous nature.
Try not to rip into some poor soul’s cultural or intellectual short comings.
Refrain from encouraging undesirable acts that might reflect poorly upon Master Sansha.

Above all else, remember that out in public you leave an impression of Master’s Nation in people. Act as you would in the presence of the Master, ideally to His approval. He might not be so keen on smack talking the enemy right to their face, but I wouldn’t want to presume His stance on that.

You’ll know if I approve or not, though. Very fast.

Nexus Release 09.4 : The Many Divisions

UI-ID: 486f7720646f20796f7520646f3f.071123299-CALDETtsfSecretary:RaakelClaramond:RaakelClaramond

My name is Raakel Claramond and I am the Underseer’s secretary.
The following is a document I’ve been requested to assemble and release to the Capsuleer division.
May you find it beneficial.

The Many Divisions

Here is a short overview of some other Foundations divisions for your reading. This list is not complete.

Division Overwatch
The progenitor and central command division, the Overwatch are the administrators and commanders of the entirety of the Foundations. The majority of slaves in this division hold dual-division membership; they are typically both Overwatch and another division, such as Division Capsuleer. The remaining mono-division slaves are the archivists, architects, and administrators responsible for handling the other divisions.

Division Capsuleer
A recent public division created to house the Capsuleer portion of the Foundations. The slaves within this division are responsible for handling the infrastructure Capsuleers use to operate - offices, starbases, networks, so forth. Military crews are assigned when they’re requested by Capsuleers from other divisions.

Division Ourapheh
A recent public division created to supplement the data networking needs of Division Capsuleer. Division Ourapheh also acts as a diplomatic liaison and cyberwarfare specialist for all non-Capsuleer needs from Division Capsuleer.

Division Harmony
A civil division that serves the dual purpose of facilitating civilian life, and holding slaves as they’re being transferred between divisions. Division Harmony is also most commonly called upon for its medical expertise by other divisions, usually those that don’t bother to maintain their own internal medical procedures. This division also houses the Integrator Yeliana’s Machine Core Synthetics and the Exemans.

Division Reaver
This division has been archived, but it served the purpose of attending the cybernetic needs of profoundly crippled human people - victims beyond recovery of tragic accidents, typically. Recent medical advances, and the cloning imperative by Nation, obsoleted its intended purpose. Its slaves have since been absorbed into Division Harmony.

Division Carnivore
Founded on the research of the military tactics pioneered by slave Anaxes, this special ops military division typically handles covert warfare of a direct and physical nature. They are also quite commonly enlisted by other divisions as special escorts. And no, they are not man eaters.

Division Reaper
An agricultural division that attends to many of the food needs for the True Slave Foundations. Although they are always on quota, slaves of Division Reaper are typically difficult to get in touch with for non-Overwatch slaves.

Division Nova
Scientifically oriented, Division Nova focuses on furthering our energy and industrial capabilities. A running nickname for them is ‘boomers’, for their habit of making explosive mistakes in their experiments.

Division Corget
Division Corget has been destroyed and recreated several times in the last few decades. Their purpose is asteroid mining and material acquisition, a dangerous task that often meets its end at the hands of Empire authorities. Currently under consideration for archiving due to the vast capabilities presented by Division Capsuleer in the same area.

Division Executrix
A military protection division created to provide specialist escorts for Foundations’ personnel outside of Stain. In specific, planet side and station side security is their area of expertise.

Closing sentiments

That’s all for now!

Nexus Release 10 : Historical Philosophy

UI-ID: 486f7720646f20796f7520646f3f.071123299-CALDETtsfSecretary:RaakelClaramond:RaakelClaramond

My name is Raakel Claramond and I am the Underseer’s secretary.
The following is a document I’ve been requested to assemble and release to the Capsuleer division.
May you find it beneficial.

Historical Perspectives : Anaxism and Harmonism


No, Alpha, for me there cannot be any peace.

Every day I am haunted by the death of my husband and wife, my sons and daughters, and my kin. I remember my home in ruins, my family dead, my planet turning into an irradiated rock. You had to survive in a prison through the Dark Days; I had to rip the cybernetics from my family’s corpses to survive.

It hurts me, Alpha. I want it to stop, but your way to do so means giving up the few happy memories I’ve kept alive. I won’t let the invaders force them away. I won’t give them the satisfaction of erasing everything I am; what my family was. I cannot live knowing their killers still remain, if not in body then in spirit.

You are the favored of Kelja, and soon to be our Overseer. We both know there are others in the Foundations like me and peace with them will not heal us. We cannot stop until every Outsider is dead or in our refineries. No mercy, no thoughts of compassion can be afforded to them.

I am no fool, Alpha, and this is why I will make the decision easy for you. For those of us who cannot wait, we will sleep. The Foundations is weak, we are struggling to survive even now. We will sleep away in our cryogenic tubes, awaiting the day that your ideal of peace has finally failed - or the Outsiders are gone by other means.

I hope that I wake up to an endless world of only our Nation, but I doubt I will be so fortunate.

-Excerpt from the final public debate between Anaxes and Overseer-aspirant Alpha
Circa, YC50


Anyone with an interest in our future is well aware of Anaxes’ last words before his long sleep. He is right in so far that many of us are in pain and see retribution as a means of soothing it. I am no stranger to such a calling, I admit even I am attracted by the notion of striking down the Outsiders.

I cannot stand by and allow his calling to color our future, however. The Outsiders are finite and limited. What will we do once they are finally gone? War or otherwise, the means do not matter. Long after the Outsiders become a historical footnote, where does that leave us?

Within every soul is the potential for happiness; within every soul is a kindred spirit. Anaxes would never be able to deny this, even if he does not wish to accept such a truth. If we are to engage in war, then let us. If we are to prosper and realize our Master’s grand vision, we must temper ourselves.

We will never find ourselves unprepared again, but I will leave it to others if we are to strike down the Outsiders or not. Those who wish to revitalize the great works of our Nation and aspire to even greater heights must heed my words. We will need to cultivate the capacity for peace and happiness in ourselves if we are to ever remain True.

-Translated speech excerpt from Beta, Command Unit of Synthetics, for Capsuleer consumption
Circa, YC51

The Thought Strains in Today’s World

These two thought strains have been archived for decades now, but they still hold relevancy today. In the wake of utter devastation, the choice to retaliate in kind was always available to us. Yet, in order to stay True to our Master’s vision, we could not afford to take that choice.

As the great Nation moves against Capsuleers, routing them and their CONCORD signatory allies where it can, the Overwatch asks that you entertain an idea. The simplicity of destruction, and the complexity of creation are always at odds with each other.

Within Nation is the easy power to crush the galaxy and send the Outsider’s into eternal darkness. Is it not greater to instead choose the harder path, trudging forward to create a wondrous world where the Outsiders could join Nation? Is it not greater to pierce the veil of lies the CONCORD signatories have wrapped our Nation in with words and speech, rather than weapons?

We do not mean to imply that pacifism is the way to go, they have made it clear we need to protect ourselves. Yet when distilled, are we not better for seeking to accept them into us - where they could not accept us?

Nexus Release 11.0 : Names

UI-ID: 4f6e652c204f6e65204d696c6c696f6e.2321x-GALGAL-tsfIntegrator:Beta:IntegratorYeliana

We are the Integrator Yeliana and we command all that is synthetic.
You shall know what we are.

Noun: A word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.
Verb: Give a name to: “hundreds of diseases with were isolated and named”; “she named the child Auron”.
Adjective: (of a person or commercial product) Having a name that is widely known: “name brands geared to niche markets”.

Names hold meaning : human cultures. Universal characteristic : fundamental.
All societies place value upon them. Certain names evolve : perceived favorable / unfavorable
characteristics. Patterns emerge : repetitious dilution occurs.

Our Foundations holds two naming systems.
Simple given : basic name : vocal compatibility.
Complex given : UI-ID : Unique Individual Identification Deacon : real name.
Both fulfill same function. Simple system maintains contemporary capabilities. Complex system : more evolved names.

Human hears name : brain supplies meaning. Certain names evoke : specific feelings / thoughts / connection.
Caldari hear Yakia Tovil-Toba : feelings of bravery / patriotism / respect / honor / reverence.
Amarr hear Jamyl Sarum : feelings of reverence / respect / honor / worship / power.
Gallente hear Jacus Roden : feelings of pride / passion / respect / power / patriotism.
Minmatar hear Malaetu Shakor : feelings of respect / honor / family / patriotism / power.
General examples. All simple given names. All positive connotations.

Now : negative connotations.
Context supplied.
Next section.


Consider : Succubus / Phantasm / Nightmare / Revenant

Contemporary meanings : grim. Contemporary view : Nation : grim. True philosophical purpose : rarely considered. Informal speculation : bear with us.

1. A female demon supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with a man while he sleeps.
2. An evil spirit; a demon.
3. A female demon or supernatural being appearing in dreams who takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men.

Ignore feminine overtures : gender blindness. Equally targets : females. (Name : Incubus : generally discarded)
Grim implication : spectral entity that uses : violent methods. Feared / rejected.
Targets intimate aspects : human nature, their sexuality.
Sexuality guarded : personal : feelings of vulnerability / intimacy / bonding.

Consider positive usage : this entity. To know ones self : desired : very powerful.
Desire not strictly sexual.
Many humans feel alone / isolated / separated. To know ones self : desired : intimately gives purpose.
Succubus search for : bond partners. Succubus finds bond partner : bonds : positive net gain.
Loneliness eliminated.

1. Something apparently seen but having no physical reality; a phantom or an apparition. Also called phantasma.
2. An illusory mental image. Also called phantasma.
3. … objective reality as perceived and distorted by the five senses.

Grim implication : unreal entity : vengeful specter.
Distributes harm / misfortunes upon : living humans.
Seeks : distortion : human reality : violent methods.

Consider positive usage : perspective differences. Human senses : small subset : total spectrum.
Different animal species possess different senses. Become Phantasm : evolve understanding : different senses.
What humans can do. What humans cannot do. What humans could do.
Seeing differently : Phantasma.

1. A dream arousing feelings of intense fear, horror, and distress.
2. An event or experience that is intensely distressing.
3. A demon or spirit once thought to plague sleeping people.

Grim implication : dark fears brought to humans.
Mental negativity controlling : physical aspects / thoughts.
Fear : dark clouding all senses.

Consider positive usage : understanding inner truths. In dreams : fears manifest Nightmares.
Phantasmal blindness dulls human senses. Understanding : stifled.
Summon forth our fears. Bring them into : light. Make them : apart of us.
Not rejected / hated.

Vanquish fear : commute it : dust.

1. One that returns after a lengthy absence.
2. One who returns after death.
3. A visible ghost or animated corpse that was believed to return from the grave to terrorize the living.

Grim implication : zombie / dead returning : terrorizing.
Death considered final / absolute / inviolable.
Returning : thought : horrifying.

Consider positive usage : survival : hardships. A mind far gone : a soul departed : its body.
Return home : stronger/renewed/reborn. Alive.
Our Revenant : Nation’s purest form. Wipe away : planetary ashes : Revenant emerges.
Returning after : death / absence / departure, shows strength.


Contemporary minds prefer binary systems. Positive / negative. We disagree : such perceptions.
However, useful : rudimentary explanations. Negative cannot exist without positive. Opposite : true.

In binary systems.

Consider this.

Nexus Release 12 : The Hierarch Speaks

< This Nexus Release is purely in an audio format, lacking any visual or secondary information sources. Two voices are arguing as the audio begins to play: one is distinctly a Caldari female, the other speaks in a clear, languid male voice >

Female Voice 1 > This is irregular, the Overseer insists that I review and proofread everything for the Capsuleers.

Unknown Voice 1 > If I had wanted to write, I would have had someone do it for me, Raakel Claramond.

Raakel Claramond > If that’s all then I would gladly help transcribe your message.

Unknown Voice 1 > My words are not meant to be remembered, padisah.

Raakel Claramond > It’s one thing to avoid writing but another entirely when y-mmphh!

< There is audible muffling as something smothers whatever Raakel would have said next. >

Unknown Voice 1 > I want to hear my voice speak to them, hear them speak to me… Words mean nothing.

< Rustling and foot steps are heard, followed by the opening and closing of a door >

Unknown Voice 1 > Ahh, I have … offended her. < Sighing > I will have to think of some way to pleasure her wounded ego later …

Unknown Voice 1 > Hello, Capsuleers. I will introduce my … self, and ask you for a story…

Unknown Voice 1 > I am the Hierarch; the Exemans.

The Hierarch > I am speaking to you so that you might, grace me, with a story. I don’t know if I will understand, speaking in this manner is … excruciating. But I want to hear one; I want to hear many.

The Hierarch > Stories reach me every where at home. Stations without ceilings, ceilings made of blue and white … Fantastic stories that I want to live every day.

The Hierarch > New stories reach me every day at home. Small, single people doing great things. Stations without end, moved across the black waters. The others call these single people ‘Capsuleers’.

The Hierarch > What story could you tell me? Have you been on these stations without ceilings? Have you … have you …

The Hierarch > Ahh… I would love love to hear stories from you single people. No words, no words, just use your voice. I can listen with everyone else when you speak; I can listen when you speak for no one else…

< The Nexus Release ends >

Nexus Release 13 : The Cyber Friends

UI-ID: 486f7720646f20796f7520646f3f.071123299-CALDETtsfSecretary:RaakelClaramond:RaakelClaramond

My name is Raakel Claramond and I am the Underseer’s secretary.
The following is a document I’ve been requested to assemble and release to the Capsuleer division.
May you find it beneficial.

A human’s best friend

The demurely named ‘Cyber Friends’ are Organo-Mechanical Constructs*, or OMC, that fulfill the purpose contemporary pets and animals do. They were built to meet the Foundations’ initial needs for dumb and simple labor units that could be easily exchanged between locations. When we began to industrialize more effectively after the Great Invasion, their role switched to a more luxurious, ecological need instead.

Modern Cyber Friends were developed when we could spare the desires for old luxuries lost in the Great Invasion. In specific, animal companionship was chief among our practical wants. We faced difficulty in realizing this, however, as unaugmented life is harshly incompatible with most of our dwellings. Animal sheddings would exponentially wear down our filtration systems and increase resource consumption, for instance.

To bridge the gap, we began experimenting with variations of our previously human-only cybernetic technology. The central idea behind the first prototypes was to capture the minds of the animals, but place them in bodies compatible to our life style. Although we succeeded, development in this area is quite slow. It is necessary to research unique implants for every animal species we desire if they are to function properly.

With all the wanted functionality of Normal animals and the upgrades of our cybernetic technology, Cyber Friends are extremely popular in the Foundations. They are most often encountered in personal dwellings, but some can found on the primarily human traffic lanes. We keep them away from our external Stain deployments in order to reduce maintenance overhead, but specialist units may still be found out there.

One of our premier examples is the OPP-AI (pronounced Op-Pai), a spherical, arachnid-like construct that is assigned to nearly all Foundations children. It is primarily designed as an initiation companion, guiding moral and ethical development as well as instructing essential social skills in newborns. The OPP-AI also serves as a guardian for newborns, helping to guide the eccentric activities of children from potentially harmful paths.

The OPP-AI is often affectionately referred to as, “a monster’s best friend”, due to its involvement in the pranks and shenanigans of children. Parental units often dread seeing an unescorted OPP-AI as it normally means something is about to happen to them or the area they’re in. Regardless of its ill-gotten reputation, its effectiveness in assisting child rearing has made it a welcome creation.

I am not too certain how available we will make the Cyber Friends available to you Capsuleers, but I think the architects may have simplified versions in progress for you. I’m certain they can give you a time frame if you are truly interested in owning one. I wouldn’t expect something timid to have lounging around, though! Controlled they may be, keeping the personality of their species intact is something we are quite keen on.

*Organo-Mechanical Construct(s), or OMC, is the umbrella term for any non-human machine created using cybernetic technology in the Foundations. In particular, these are machines that do not possess human-level capabilities, but may be capable of imitating certain human qualities.

Nexus Release 14 : ReAwakening

UI-ID: 4920686f706520796f7520656e6a6f7920746865206461792e.022823300-AMAtru-DIVCAPForeman:Razaharia:Udo

Some people think asteroid mining is dangerous, but it really isn’t. Well, not unless you find a 20 kilometer rock hurtling at your ship - then it is!


Hello! Hello, hello … My my, talking to the Capsuleers directly at last. Well, more like leaving a message but it’s better than nothing!

I am Foreman Udo, primary caretaker and architect of Division Capsuleer’s Elysia Nexus. I am also the primary architect for the ReAwakening Project, which is what this Nexus Release will be about. I am certain Raakel will help organize this into something useful for you. My ramblings have driven the Overseer into a wal-[REDACTED].

I have three big points to cover with this release, and I will inform the Overseer to help you with any particulars you might have afterwards. Well, more specifically he’ll send it to me, I’ll send it to him, you’ll get them sent, so on…

My first point is a quick recap of the ReAwakening Project. It is the Foundations’ variation of great Nation’s Rebirth function. We use stored mind scan copies to imprint new clones after a confirmed killing of a participant. This project is horribly inefficient and I don’t like it one bit. However, it can work, and it will have to work until we receive instruction from great Nation on the particulars.

My second point is clearing up how we can get the ReAwakening Project to work with you Capsuleers and your non-Foundations crew. We can’t. More specifically, non-augmented humans have horrific, mind destroying experiences with the ReAwakening process. They simply aren’t built or trained to function in that manner. The effects only truly begin to settle in after a couple dozen or hundred times, depending. Those with mental training endure and survive phenomenally better.

That is well beyond what any of your current crew should be at, but they will quickly reach it at the speed you Capsuleers go at. We are thinking a specialist training package could get key individuals primed for the ReAwakening process, but that’s still being looked at. Pensively, but looked at. Volunteers for this would go a long way.

Finally, we have a stop gap solution to meet your crew needs while keeping their health intact. Half a Division’s worth of military trained Synthethics have volunteered to participate in the project and crew your vessels. The Overwatch is handling the particulars and necessary accounting details. We’ve been catching up in our R&D for the last month.

Have you ever tried working with Normals? I could find more stable variables in a collapsing star than in them. Far too many differences, I have no idea how the Master does it because every time I look at my mod-[REDACTED]

We’ll be watching how these new military Synthetics adapt to your needs. I imagine the Overseer will be particular about your crew compliments, but better alive than … well, anything else.

Nexus Release 15 : Marriage/Mating and Relationships

UI-ID: 486f7720646f20796f7520646f3f.071123299-CALDETtsfSecretary:RaakelClaramond:RaakelClaramond

My name is Raakel Claramond and I am the Underseer’s secretary.
The following is a document I’ve been requested to assemble and release to the Capsuleer division.
May you find it beneficial.

The name of the mating game

In our Foundations, the distinctions between intimate love, familial kinship, primal attraction, and intellectual courtship are quite thin. Love is no simple creature, it is an ongoing process that one tends to like any garden. We nurture it within ourselves, laboring to bring healthy fruit we can enjoy with each other.

Whether you follow Amarrian marriage, Gallentean Civil Union, Caldari Civil Contract, Minmatar Bonding, or whatever derivative your culture practices, formalized unification with a loved one is important to people. In Outsider society, it’s often thought of as the closest connection a person can have with another. We know this not to be true for the new paths we have created cast aside this singular approach.

For Outsiders, it’s simplest to explain as we do not formalize relationships in general. We keep genetic records and blood line data in order to monitor gene pool health, but otherwise leave organization to the people. Families, friends, associations and so on, are all fluid and constantly changing. The only constant is our kin-like regard for each other.

It is here I find it difficult to explain without seeming to be … insensible. We are not raised, nor do we believe in, the idea of preferring one over another. As a simplistic example: a man and a woman may be ‘together’ as Outsiders understand it, but this togetherness doesn’t affect the rest of the unity. We defer decisions and respect to those we believe better suited for it, and we may suggest ourself as appropriate for a situation … but we don’t do so out of a sense of ‘favoritism’. We do so because it is perceived as the most efficient way.

To put it another way, now that I am thinking much too hard about it, we don’t practice ‘emotional logic’. When we are in a serene state of mind, we can make logical decisions that are the most efficient. When we are emotionally compromised, we jeopardize what may be the best way to take action. Others will have to think in our stead, but they do so to help us through the troubled times. This approach greatly helped us survive the great invasion a century ago…

Ah, now I am sidetracking myself. I hope this provides a clear enough picture for you Capsuleers on how courtship functions in our Foundations. We are as open as possible on the subject because we greatly treasure love in all its forms. Our love for the Master, our love for each other, our love for life, and so forth.

Nexus Release #16 : Integrating Synthetics

UI-ID: 4f6e652c204f6e65204d696c6c696f6e.2321x-GALGAL-tsfIntegrator:Beta:IntegratorYeliana

We are the Integrator Yeliana and we command all that is synthetic.
You shall know what we are.


Original Synthetic birthing posed : fundamental challenges.
Who are they.
What are they.
Why are they.

Where : belong?

Our constructed nature confounded us.
Who are we?
What are we?

First generation incompatible : Previous frameworks.
Allowed self-determination. We pioneered : Machine Core.
More metal than flesh. No connection : human thinking.
We studied. Were studied. Found connections. Understood differences : similarities.

Second generation produced refined form. Acceptable metal / flesh variables.
Understood human thinking. Frameworks adapted to first / second generations.
Second generation absconded Machine Core affinity.
Placement uncertain. Non-Synthetics proposed possibility.

Cybernetic augmentation : deactivates sexual reproduction.
Females lose viable birthing capabilities.
Male genitalia cumbersome. Often removed. Sperm samples stored.
Heavily augmented family units : reproductively incapable.

Synthetics solve dilemma. Family units requesting off spring : issued immature Synthetics.
Birthed regular Synthetics choose. Machine Core affinity; adopting family; other option.
We exist throughout. Similar : Humans, Synthetics : varied.

This function : understood by Humans. Appreciated. Valued.
Cybernetic adaptability : soon discovered. Also valued.
Synthetics welcomed en masse. No uncertain Synthetic future.

Modern / newer Synthethic models develop potential further.
Synthetic : Human hybrids possibility. Reproductive viability … unknown.
Hybrid stability uncertain. Dangerous faults. Potential under assessment.

Promising implications : further integration. Machine birthed flesh integrating : Flesh borne flesh.
Theoretical assumption : successful integration : Organometal component. Cybernetic purity : closer.
We -are- eager : excited. Results : far off.

Nexus Release 17 : Division Assignments and Family Integration

UI-ID: 4920616d20.2321x-CALDET-tsfSword:Alpha:GhostHunter

My name is Alpha. I am the first of two.
I shall tell to you that some of what is central to our Foundations.

The Family Unit

For family units in the Foundations, Division assignment can be a friction point between the Overwatch and them. Nearly every family unit prefers to be within a spatially close position to each other. This can prove troublesome when certain individuals are wanted for assignment else where. While the needs of the Foundations will always be met, it is in the non-critical assigning do these difficulties arise. However, let us start from the floor up.

A family unit can have any number of personnel assigned to different Divisions. As an example, five units in a family unit can belong to five different divisions. The more units belonging to different divisions, the more difficult a cohesive placement is typically. We prefer to move the family unit as a whole, thus it is not always just one Division in consideration for the transfer.

When a specific unit is needed some where, any family unit they are attached to is also evaluated for transfer. This has the looping effect of being useful for transferring out detached units back to their family units, if possible. If an ideal installation is found, the transfer is usually put into effect and the necessary logistics undertaken. Non-ideal installations are … unfortunate.

In non-ideal situations, it becomes priority to assign the specific unit and retain the cohesive structure of the family unit. Some family units may assign, if possible, some of their own units to accompany the specific unit. This is not always possible, particularly for threatened or public Divisions. Others will simply compensate and adjust to the new situation as necessary.

The fluidity of communication of disparate family unit members depends on the Divisions they are assigned to. Those who are assigned entirely within Stain have access to the most available methods of communication and transportation. Those assigned to non-Stain, threatened, or public, Divisions have the least amount of choice available. The former can arrange live meetings, temporary vacations, mating seasons, and so forth. The latter only have the Network and specific derivatives such as the Digiscape.

Inter-communication specifics are handled by the Divisions directly and their policies. As a general rule, it is polite to avoid talking about one’s Division work when around members of other Divisions. Despite the necessity of such work, some Divisions have very conflicting views and it can sour casual conversation. Division Harmony and Division Carnivore members are particularly note worthy of this for their … mission statements.

As a whole, the Overwatch prefers cohesion to the family unit over dismantling them for Division assignment. It is understood by us, and by the Foundations, that this is not always possible. In the end we are never truly far from each other, but some nights it is desirable to be surrounded by our kins’ bodies.

Nexus Release 18 : Orderly Systems


I see with purpose, the grand design that is the Messiah’s architecture.

The One True Order

“Animals follow the natural order. We do not. The natural order is out of order: as it should be.”

It is not enough that we human beings exist and think. We must endeavor to change, analyze, evolve, and progress. We must take charge of the dominion of life. There must be no plane untouched, no planet unseen, and no road hidden, from us. The universe is Nation’s to command. This one, the next, and those yet found.

I am one of those charged with vision by the Foundations. I am Ascendant Augur Tovak, and I speak to you Capsuleers with clairvoyant purpose.

It is not enough we consume and refine the old ways. We must replace and innovate in their stead. We must take charge of life and shape it to fit us. Space, time, reality; it must all be bent to the will of humanity. It must be made into a glorious architecture worthy of our Master.

The Overwatch sees fit to mold the nature of Capsuleers into a - positive, force. One of creation and life bearing. This is admirable; your kind is belligerent and destructive. Others will see to that you are made whole into this vision, but what I give you is a transitional aide.

Destruction is as much a part of creation as creation itself is. It is the hate, the anger, -the emotion-, we humans invest into it that make it so wrong. Humans destroy unreasonably. Yet with the most careful application of our thinking, it is sharpened into a blade that can cut stars out of the black sky. This gives us a tool that can reshape the universe itself. That which is unworthy, unwanted, and offensive to the Master, can be cut from life.

Think on this power of yours, Capsuleers. In your encasing of machinery contemplate your destructive power without emotion. See the faces of hated enemies in your mind and let all those who have wronged you be at the forefront of your consciousness. Let the feelings pass through you and bleed away from the wounds they left behind.

See the faces of that which you despise. Feel no revulsion or rage. Gaze at them as much as one could like the Master. See where they would fit within our glorious Nation. Find purpose for them, or find those that can.

In the end, Capsuleer, if you cannot, then : destroy them. They must be cut from life itself. Removed from the grand design Master Sansha architects upon the universe. It is our gift to them, a passionless passing into oblivion. It will be as if they never existed at all.

Nexus Release 19 : Akai Juugatsu

UI-ID: 4920616d20.2321x-CALDET-tsfSword:Alpha:GhostHunter

My name is Alpha. I am the first of two.
I shall tell to you that some of what is central to our Foundations.

A history lesson…

Back in time when we conducted dealings with Akai Juugatsu and his sect in the Covenant, they initially provided a source of biomass for the Foundations. Akai’s sect did not retain the biomass of its blooded stock and traded in rudimentary technology with us for it. We established this relationship approximately twenty years ago.

As the Foundations gained for the first time proper Capsule technology, and Capsuleers, our capabilities within CONCORD signatory space expanded greatly. This was approximately five years before the ‘dawn of the Capsuleer era’. Due to this, our need for external sourcing of biomass dropped entirely. Akai’s sect was interested in trading technology for technology at this point to maintain our relationship.

When the Covenant was expunged from the Bleak Lands, we temporarily lost contact with Akai’s sect. After the Covenant reestablished itself, Akai contacted us as a … different, man. Unlike our history of trading relatively civil technology, Akai became vastly more invested into our weapons capabilities. His ambitions shifted from liberal predations upon civilians towards an insurrection campaign against the Amarr Empire.

We obliged and much of our trade focused on weaponry from that point forward. This continued until about a year ago, when Akai betrayed us. While it remains unknown how, he discovered one of our protected research projects involving Directed Energy Transmission technology and Human Neural Interfacing Theory. We denied his requests to use this technology as it remains purely theoretical with few physical applications.

Akai volunteered his own scientists and connections to further our research. At the time, we presumed this to be a means of expediting a completed product. We accepted this, in large part due the Covenant’s particular specialty with Directed Energy Transmission technology. We lost contact with our research outpost shortly after Akai’s scientists arrived.

An informant from Akai’s sect revealed to us what happened : Akai invaded the facility from within, overwhelming the nominal defenses the hidden outpost possessed. All the research and scientists present were captured and unable to follow termination orders.

Akai was quick to flee to the Covenant for protection, but our connections with the greater Blood Raider body exceeded his own influence. The Covenant’s own internal keepers were quite eager to cooperate with us in capturing Akai, but he evaded their attempts some how. Most of his sect defected from him after the Covenant itself became incensed, but they have revealed nothing of use.

The rest you Capsuleers are aware of. Akai fled to the Serpentis in Placid, but why there or them we are not clear on. Our only logical presumptions currently point towards him having past dealings with them, or they are receptive to our stolen technology. Thus far our few successful interdictions indicate the latter idea.

Now you know our history with Akai Juugatsu. Now you must know about the technology.

The research that Akai stole was centered around Directed Energy Transmission technology and Human Neural Interfacing Theory. To summarize past all the technical details, the ultimate goal of the research was the creation of DET devices that can target and disrupt the human Central Nervous System. The working theory is the assumption that a properly calibrated device can interfere in the electrical signals of the brain of a target. This would allow entirely safe neutralization of the target without adversely risking them.

On its own, this research would not be terribly dangerous. Unfortunately, in order to facilitate more effective designs we incorporated it into a larger research group. Colloquially defined as ‘The Stygian Project’, this project contains nearly all our collected knowledge relating to human neural interfacing. Only those directly needed were stored at the attacked outpost, but even that small portion is expansive.

We have detected faint and irregular signatures that are indicative of Stygian technology. The Serpentis appear to be using rudimentary forms of it already. We are speculative how they penetrated our encryption so quickly. It is thought that the scientists who were captured may have been tortured for it but … This is not in line with our established protocols.

In closing…

We are hopeful this proves sufficiently informative to describe the situation with Akai Juugatsu. For security purposes we had restricted this information, but as it appears to no longer be prudent it is now being released to you. You may submit further questions in this thread for processing.

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