HKO is looking for FCs and PVPers!

I’ll start this off with the simple truth: I remade this corp due to being fed up with nullsec BS. Blobs, batphones, sov “warfare” that equates to blobs even with alliances that claim to be anti-blob, anti-bloc, what have you. I’m looking for like-minded players willing to help build a lowsec/pochaven based corp into something real. We will roam null. We will roam low. We will ■■■■ on FWers and even blocs when possible. We will have a great time, but I need the help to set this up. This is USTZ-East for the working folks. I.E. log in, have some fun, kill some folks, log out or chill out. Long story short, hit me up on discord and let’s talk. I need a couple leaders, I need plenty of PVPers, let’s make this something real.

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